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May 24, 2012

Bob Gilder


Q.テつ Tell me how the course played today and how you approached it and how you feel after your round.
BOB GILDER:テつ Well, I think most of the holes were pretty playable.テつ I think 4 and 7 were some horrible pins with the wind conditions.テつ They knew it was windy this morning and you put a pin where you got no place to land it and you got the wind blowing downwind, or side wind, there's no room there.テつ I think those were silly pins.テつ Absolutely silly.テつ They should know better.
But I think that I hit the ball well today, with the exception of a couple of‑‑ I hit a couple of marginal shots, and it cost me.テつ I 3‑putted once, but other than that it was a good round.
I hit the ball pretty solid most of the day and was pretty happy with it.テつ Sometimes you hit it good and end up not so good scoring wise on a course like this.テつ And that was kind of what you do.
It's just a matter of where the ball ends up on these greens sometimes whether you get a decent putt at it or not.

Q.テつ Getting to play in the morning tomorrow, do you feel good about where you are?
BOB GILDER:テつ Well, I don't know, 29th place?テつ I guess if it blows ‑‑ you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, where they're going to put the pins and that.テつ So we'll just have to see.

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