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May 24, 2012

Tom Lehman


Q.  Talk to us about the course today.  Once the wind kicked up it provided an awfully stern test of golf.
TOM LEHMAN:  Yeah, that's putting it lightly.  Very difficult.  Very, very difficult.  There's width in the fairways, so there was room to drive it.  But it was so difficult to get the ball anywhere near the hole to have a decent putt at birdie.
I made six bogeys and just got one birdie and it just seemed like every time I hit a shot that wasn't perfect you ended up with a really impossible chip or a tough putt.  It was a frustrating day.

Q.  Out of the fairways so many times you expect to have more putts at birdies, let alone for par.
TOM LEHMAN:  There's two things.  One, the greens are difficult, for starters, so it takes really good shots to get it close.  But with the wind blowing, that makes it, it quadruples the difficulty.  Not just hitting the shots, the putting becomes more difficult when the wind's blowing so hard and it's gusty.
But all in all it's a tough day.  I shot 76, and I have to be honest, I feel that, how tough this course is, that that means I'm not out of it.  If I can play three good rounds I can still get it done.

Q.  What do you think it will take tomorrow to get you to the cut and to the weekend?
TOM LEHMAN:  Depends on the weather, obviously.  I'm going to have to play three really good days.  I don't know exactly what really good means out here, quite frankly.

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