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May 24, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Great start, how much did you enjoy that?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Nice to get off to a great start at Wentworth, especially the afternoon, quick turnaround, hopefully keep the momentum going tomorrow morning.  Great crowds today, they came out in force with the weather being what it was and just a fun day's golf back in England.

Q.  For you especially coming here since you were ten years of age, I know how much you love it, but sum up what this event does mean to you?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I've said it this week, it's on the bucket list, and probably only three or four events outside of the majors I would dearly love to win that are that much more special, and this is certainly right at the top of that list.  Great start, obviously, but three more days.
We had a great group today.  All of the boys played well and we drove one another along.

Q.  You've had a great season obviously.  Has the consistency impressed you or pleased you more than anything would you say?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, that's been a change, the last couple of years I've managed to win a couple of tournaments and had my hot runs.  This week, I felt like every week I've teed it up, my game has been close and that consistency is what you work on and that's a sign of improvement for sure.

Q.  How do you feel coming into this week?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I felt good, even the Match Play last week I ran into a hot Nicolas Colsaerts who beat me but even I was 15‑under through 40 holes, I was really telling myself coming into this event that my game is in good shape and beginning to make a few putts which is nice, so whenever the putter starts to behave itself, then I think the scores follow.

Q.¬† 5‑under, must be everything you wanted today.
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, exactly.¬† I was happy with the round of golf today.¬† Really got off to a great start and got off to a great rhythm early in my round, 5‑under through 10, middle of the 11th with a birdie flag and felt like at that point with three par 5s to come, I could have posted 7‑ , 8‑ , 9‑under the way I was feeling.
But poor swing at the wrong time at 11 and short‑sided myself to a pin that you probably couldn't.¬† I hit it the only place you couldn't and that halted the momentum.¬† From that moment on in the round it was a little bit more of a battle but hit some good shots and holed a nice putt at 16 to keep it all going.

Q.  You were not feeling tremendously well out there; you were taking pills a couple of times?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† This morning, the weirdest thing, I guess it was some sort of vertigo I was struggling with, I was nearly falling over really.¬† My whole morning routine was way off.¬† I was sitting in the doctor's chair for a while.¬† He gave me just an anti‑nausea or something, that kind of tablet, and I felt fine all the way around.
Not ideal but sometimes it lowers the expectations and it's funny how that often works out to your favour.

Q.  Imagined you'll be playing amongst great British and English crowds here at Wentworth.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Definitely, they came out in force today.  My caddie and I looked around on 16 and just remarked what a great crowd, especially for a Thursday and so it was nice to see everybody come out and support the event.

Q.  Your round puts you right in the thick of things.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I sized up the leaderboard on 18 but left it just a centimeter short.  At this stage, it's a great start and it's all I wanted, something that I can build on for the rest of the week.
Early on in the round I got off to a nice start and felt comfortable with my rhythm, hitting good shots, 5‑under through 10.¬† And bogeyed 11 with a wedge in my hand and from that moment it was a little bit more of a struggle coming in but certainly happen tee to post 5‑under.

Q.  How confident did you feel coming in after showing that kind of form in Spain?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I was 15‑under through 40 holes and left with my tail between my legs.¬† I lost to a hot Nicolas Colsaerts, so it's always a little bit of consolation that you lose to the winner.¬† I took positives from that coming into this week.¬† I began to make a few putts last week, and whenever my putter begins to behave itself, obviously that's a good sign.

Q.¬† Now, you have unfinished business, a runner‑up in the playoff five years ago, and your visits since then have been mixed success.¬† So how badly would you like to win this one?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It would feel sweet no doubt about it.  Long way to go and not even trying to think about it but certainly this event is on my bucket list of a short list of tournaments I would like to win.  If I can keep myself in the hunt it will be a fun Sunday.

Q.  Last week, experimenting with the new putter and new grip, how is that experimentation going?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It's going well actually.  I think I'm going left below right and the putter looks a little squarer to me so the whole idea is I square my feet, square my shoulders and look at a slightly square looking putter.  I think it's helping me not think as much out on the golf course, I can step into it, feel square and hit the putt.

Q.  How good was the round?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I'm happy with that, great start to the week, getting off to a hot start.¬† I think it's nice to play late/early and hopefully I can build on that in the morning.¬† Got off to a great start.¬† 5‑under through 10, feeling great through myself, was in a really nice rhythm.
Hit a poor shot on 11 and made bogey and from that point in the round it was more of a struggle.¬† But 5‑under, opening round, right in the hunt is perfect.¬†

Q.¬† 5‑under par, excellent opening round, please summarize that?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Like you say, I think it's a great opening round for me to be right on the leaderboard early in the week and today I'm playing late/early so get out there tomorrow morning and hopefully continue the momentum.¬† That's going to be key for me.¬† I felt really comfortable with my game all day, through the first ten holes, really played well.¬† Bogeyed 11 from the fairway which made it a little tricky coming in.¬† Could have done worse and could have done better coming in so overall very happy with 5‑under.

Q.  Just on the last hole, could have been one better.
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, ifs and buts, but like I said, hit a good putt.¬† Probably a little bit more uphill than I realised, but what probably tricked me a little bit was the wedge shot took a firm bounce, and I maybe thought the green was getting a little crusty.¬† It rolled fairly slowly back up the hill left‑to‑right but for me hit a good putt, hit it on my line and read a good putt and hit a good putt.

Q.  Tomorrow more of the same?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Hope so.  Every day is different.  I'll take whatever tomorrow gives me, deal with it best way I can.  Hopefully it's another day where I feel comfortable and make a few putts.
This morning, I don't know what happened, got out of the car h a good breakfast, slept well and got out of the car, felt like a massive earthquake going on, it was like, whoa.  So had a bit of a rough hour really before teeing off.
Saw the doctor and they checked all my vitals, checked everything, was fine, nothing really to alarm anybody but just feeling a bit dizzy.
So kind of shook it off I suppose.  It was 30, 40 minutes before my tee time, still feeling a little ropey but by the time I teed it up to be honest, I got into a nice rhythm.  Probably distracted me a little bit, was plodding along a little slower than normal but to be honest with you, felt perfectly fine once I teed it up on the first tee.

Q.  Any idea what it was?  Low sugar levels?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, strange, had a good breakfast.  Everything was as per usual.

Q.  Was there any point where you were thinking, not going to make it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Definitely, an hour before my tee time I thought, I can't play.  I thought, this is really not a good week to have to pull out.  So I'm glad obviously things went my way.  The doctors did a good job getting me ready.
It was the weirdest thing.  I expect it to not continue whatsoever.  I feel fine now, get a good night's sleep, probably rest up.  Just a weird one.  No explanation.

Q.  Did they give you medication?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I did take one sort of anti‑dizzy or anti‑nausea medication and seemed to straighten me out.

Q.  Maybe take another one tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly.

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