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May 24, 2012

Marc Warren


Q.  A ho‑hum season and you come to the big one, off to a good start, where did that come from?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, I think a couple of weeks off there, and I was doing a bit of work on my swing and stuff on my own, and then coming into this week, I've seen a lot of Pete Cowen the last couple of days, and I think that I just have a better understanding of where the bad shots were coming from.
Today coming in there the last few holes, I hit a tee shot off 16, and after, that I really played solid.  Just off my timing a little bit but I knew where it came from and stayed calm.

Q.  I'm told you had to use some imagination on recovery shots out there.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, a couple of good bunker shots early on around the turn to keep everything going.  But after that, a few iron shots and nice to make some birdies, and an ace, eagle on 12.

Q.  A few years ago, you won in Scotland, in the World Cup with Monty and things going well but then it's a struggle the last couple of years.  How difficult and frustrating is that for you?
MARC WARREN:  I spent three years on The Challenge Tour before that, and get on Tour, a couple wins and you think everything's going for you.  You are certainly not looking behind you.  Changed coaches from Bob Torrance to Pete and takes time for those changes to bed in and lost my card and nice to get it back last year and took a lot of confidence from that.  Big events coming up, none bigger than this, and good start.

Q.  I'm sure you took a few hits in the early days for buying fancy cars and doing stuff when everything was going great.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, I think anyone else at that age, you can earn ridiculous money out here and everything was going good for me and I had no worries in my life.  I had a bit of spare money I suppose, and I done that.  And it was nice to get it out of the way I suppose.  Obviously once things don't go so well, people can use that to pick on you a little bit, but I enjoyed it, so that's fine.

Q.  One good round today but just a start, isn't it.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, exactly.  A long way to go.  Conditions are perfect out there.  Course is great.  So it was nice to be out first and turn out a good score.

Q.  And 18?
MARC WARREN:  Excellent changes, brilliant.  The green is fair now and if you do hit a tee shot, chance of eagle whereas before it wasn't.  Guys were hitting good drives and still laying up.  I think come Sunday afternoon it's going to be a pivotal hole.

Q.  You said you're working with Pete Cowen?
MARC WARREN:  A couple of weeks not technique, just shaping the ball really, and Pete thought I was doing that too much, just moving the ball.  He kind of explained, the shape is going a little bit left, especially the ball I'm using now, so just getting an understanding of that instead of trying to manipulate things far too much, some players like Bubba Watson, he moves it a lot, and Lee Westwood moves it very little, just understanding how it works.

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