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May 24, 2012

Niclas Fasth


Q.  That was terrific, wasn't it.
NICLAS FASTH:  Yeah, it really was terrific.  Game has been coming on for a while, I've done a lot of swing work and it's come together over the last month.  I actually played well in my last tournament, as well, and today was better and the scoring started to come along.  There was a bit of a mix today.  I had double‑bogeys and I had eagles, but I played very, very well, really, really well.

Q.  The front nine was just about the best of the day, five birdies.
NICLAS FASTH:  Yeah, it was really good.  There was not much happening, one little adventure in nine holes but lots of birdies, like I said, I had a couple of bogeys and a double coming back which was nice, but I did make birdies and eagle on the last.

Q.  Elaborate on the eagle.
NICLAS FASTH:  Hit a beautiful drive around the corner and really like what they have done around the hole, in aggressive play there.  I was in perfect position and had a new Callaway utility iron that I had not even hit yet on the range; and, come on, let it go.
So I hit it and actually it lipped out I heard.  It was a fantastic shot and well deserved eagle.  That was a lovely finish, but to a nice day.  I was playing well.

Q.  Given what happened at the 16th, you could have been down on yourself?
NICLAS FASTH:  Like I say, yes, it's not nice to hit loose shots but I'm genuinely happy about how my game is coming on now, so I'm being positive.

Q.  Nice to be down the road?
NICLAS FASTH:  It's a bonus, but to have our premiere event, I would say, five minutes from my home, is special every year.

Q.  And it is a tournament that you have enjoyed many, many occasions, isn't it?
NICLAS FASTH:  Yes, I had a few good finishes here.  I played in the last group on Sundays here a couple of times, and although I have not finished it off, it's been a good tournament to me a few times, yeah.

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