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May 24, 2012

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Difficult start, you make your score on the fourth all the way around‑‑ so you try to get through the first if you understand holes in level par and kick on.¬† It wasn't a great start but no disaster.
Obviously the course has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years and it's obviously much tougher than it was but it's still very scorable.  You can see the number of people under par so far.  The course is very playable, so I look forward to the next few days.

Q.  Nice to bounce back from match play disappointment.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Obviously that's as disappointed as I've ever been coming off the golf course.  I understand that in this case lace won and deserved to win but in my own little head I felt like I gave it away quite a bit on Sunday morning.  So I was disappointed.

Q.¬† But you were obviously playing well, four‑up.
PAUL LAWRIE:¬† 4‑up after seven, you shouldn't lose from there is what I was trying to get my head around.¬† But Nicolas played three birdies coming in and I just couldn't get the ball in the hole.¬† I putted poorly all day and even the first seven holes, I was 3‑under and three of them were tap‑ins.¬† So just a frustrating day.

Q.  You're used to regrouping tournament after tournament, did this one take a while to ease out of the system?
PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Well I think when you're on your 501st¬† event, if you don't know how to regroup‑‑ no, it's no problem.¬† Even early on, I'm 2‑over and you've just got to keep going.¬† There's nothing you can do.¬† This golf course is pretty tough at the start and you make your score for four rounds, and we did that.
Today was brilliant to be fair, because didn't get off to a great start.¬† I was 2‑over after three.¬†¬† Didn't do a hell of a lot wrong but was 2‑over.¬† It's a tough start around here as you all know and level par after four, you've won a watch.
So I was a couple over and you've got to kick on from there which I did.  Putted extremely well today.  Holed just a countless amount of times between four and ten feet which is what you've got to do around here.  My long game wasn't that great today.  Struggled a wee bit.  But when you hole out like that, you're going to have a good score.  I got everything out of that round.

Q.¬† With recent form and even last weekend, getting to the semifinals of the Match Play‑‑
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, I think when you have days like that, that's when your confidence kicks in, because I could easily have gone a bit worse today.  But confidence is as high as it's ever been, so you just get on the tee and try to do your stuff.

Q.¬† How important is this championship, Ryder Cuppoints ‑‑
PAUL LAWRIE:  It's obviously one of our biggest events, and I have a chance at Ryder Cup, and if I can do well, it's huge and important to have a good week.  So far, so good.

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