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May 24, 2012

Peter Lawrie


Q.  Peter, thoughts on the opening round?
PETER LAWRIE:  Getting off to such a great start here was important to just try to keep the momentum going.  Played so well here in practise that I was kind of very nervous starting out, because I knew I was playing nicely, and I was trying to hole a few putts.  But seemed to work early on‑‑ missed a couple coming in but 66 can't be snoozed at.

Q.  Earlier in the year, Sicily, good week there, and you've been there or thereabouts, do you feel like you've been playing well and this has been coming?
PETER LAWRIE:  I turned the corner in the Spanish Open.  Worked with my coach early on, and sort of found something there.  Kind of did a lot of practise last week coming in, got a bit of time to play golf and came in here playing really nicely.

Q.  Given how important it week, what does it mean to you?
PETER LAWRIE:  It means a lot, I like the golf course, I really do, and playing nicely and trying to hole a few putts.

Q.  The course, talking about the changes made for this year, tell me about them, do you think it's a big plus for this year?  Do you like the way the course is playing?  Do you like the way it sets up?
PETER LAWRIE:  The course is set up great for me.  Not one of the longest hitters on Tour but one of the straightest.  You really have to hit a lot of fairways and you have to position your second shots off the greens to give yourself a chance of making birdies, or just settle for pars.
It's a course that you have to be very patient on and I'm quite a patient person, my wife wouldn't believe that, but I am somewhere on the golf course.  So that's what you have to do.

Q.  A sparkling rounds of 66, generally what was the key to success today.
PETER LAWRIE:  The key to success was not making bogeys and hitting a lot of fairways and a lot of greens.  Got off to a great start with a birdie on the second and then eagle at the fourth hole.  After that just played lovely golf.
I missed a couple of chances coming in, left a few putts short.  Greens are tough though this time of night, or this time of afternoon.  You don't really want to leave yourself that sort of 2 1/2, 3‑footer.  So just drop them in the front door and left them a few short but happy with a 66.

Q.  How well does the course suit your game?
PETER LAWRIE:  You know, my game is based around‑‑ I plot my way around the golf course.  I'm not one of the long hitters.  I'm not one of the shorter hitters I would say, but I do hit it quite straight, so just try and stay patient.  This is a golf course to be patient‑‑ I wouldn't say I have an abundance of it but I have quite a bit of patience.

Q.  How do you keep it going?
PETER LAWRIE:  Well, hopefully, my game in Sicily wasn't great; it was a flukey first round.  I holed a lot of putts and I shot 64.  I was saying earlier on, I turned the corner at the Spanish Open and started playing much better, more control of the ball and came in here with a lot of confidence that way controlling my ball flight.
Hopefully if I can keep that up, I'll be around for the weekend.

Q.  I read an interesting stat that said that the Harry Bradshaw was the only Irishman who had won the PGA Championship, but not here; no man from the man of Ireland has won at Wentworth.  Any theories why?
PETER LAWRIE:  I couldn't really tell you but the Irish are on the up.  We have won a couple of Opens, and watch out, the Irish are here to stay. 

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