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May 24, 2012

Robert Rock


Q.  I take it you're in a good mood now.
ROBERT ROCK:  Better, yeah.  Better.  I messed a few things up on Wednesday and played really poorly in the Pro‑Am, so I was hoping today was going to be a little different and had a decent warm up session so it was all right.

Q.  Excellent on the par 5s.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yes, nice wedge shot into 17, which was my favourite sort of yardage so I was expecting that to be okay and probably the first time I've tried taking on that last hole and did well.  Put it on the new flat part which I quite like which makes the second shot easier and that was a 4‑iron into the green.  Could have ended up a little closer, and left the eagle putt about two or three inches short.  So, yeah, easy finish.

Q.  Paint a picture for us.  How bad was it in the Pro‑Am and how much better is it now?
ROBERT ROCK:  I would have been about 80, maybe a little more, so a decent improvement.

Q.  What's it down to?
ROBERT ROCK:  Just having a few too many things on on Wednesday morning.  I ended up rushing around to finish them, and then rushed to the range, and the range being how it is, it's very busy, and I didn't get to do the normal warm up as I would have liked.  So I rushed that and I think that just ruined the rhythm for the day.

Q.  But the rhythm was right today?
ROBERT ROCK:  It was better.  It was better.  I've been driving the ball well over the last few weeks.  It was awful yesterday.  But I've kind of made it better today but it wasn't how it has been, so hopefully the rhythm will come back during the week now that I've settled down a little bit.

Q.  I take it you still have an affection for this place, you came here first as a PGA pro?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yes, I still love the place.  I have great memories as it was and maybe I prefer it that way, but it's still a great course.

Q.  Judging by what you were saying about 18, you are warming to the changes?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yes.  It's a harder hole, it's a harder second shot as it is and I think that's probably what they wanted to do.  And it looks nice, as well.  I think if we had arrived anywhere brand new with that sort of finishing hole, you would love it, just because we've seen it in a different setting before, it maybe spoils your opinion of it, but it's still a great hole.

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