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May 23, 2012

John Tortorella


Devils テや 5
Rangers テや 3

Q.テつ Coach, based on the way the game went, it almost seemed unfair the way you guys went down.テつ What do you tell your guys for the next game, how do you get them roused?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ Stan, I'll tell my guys.テつ I haven't talked to my guys yet.テつ Unfair, I don't agree with you.テつ We lose, we move on.テつ We get ready for our next one.

Q.テつ There's been a lot of focus on the way the team has started games.テつ Is there a point where that focus becomes counterproductive in terms of the way things started off tonight?テつ In other words, did you get so‑‑ in other words, you get so focused on starting a game strong that ‑
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ We're always looking to try to start the game strong.テつ We're always looking.テつ Nothing's counterproductive.テつ We had a tough start.テつ Tough luck for them a little bit on a couple of them.
But I thought we probably played our best game of the series tonight.

Q.テつ When you go down so quickly on a couple of bad bounce goals, was it tough for the team?テつ How were you able to make that comeback?テつ How tough is it eventually to climb back into that hole and able to get that ‑

Q.テつ Fourth goal, too.
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ We climbed out of it.テつ Fourth goal is just a number of mistakes on it.テつ I felt when we tied it, we stopped making plays.テつ And fourth goal's a tough one.テつ I think it should be defended, and we didn't.

Q.テつ Can you just talk about the game you got out of Callahan tonight?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ He played well.テつ He's found a way to score goal.テつ Got lucky on another one on the power play.テつ Did all the things he needed to do as a leader to try to get us a win, right to the bitter end.テつ And he'll do the same thing our next game.

Q.テつ How did you feel about Dubinsky's game?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ I have to watch the tape.テつ He brought us some energy.テつ I thought that line was a pretty good line as far as some puck possession, but to critique his whole game, I have to look at the tape.

Q.テつ You said after you tied the game you stopped making plays.テつ Did they pick up their game, or did you stop forechecking, or what was it?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ Whether they picked up‑‑ I think we helped them a little bit.テつ Where I thought we did a really good job of making plays and controlling some of the play tonight, and then I just felt we started batting around a little bit and allowed them to gain some forechecking.
I didn't think we were in real trouble.テつ But they score a goal.テつ They make a big play.

Q.テつ You said it was your best game of the series.テつ The way you came back, does it matter in the end?テつ Does any of that going forward?テつ Can you take anything out of tonight's game?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ Sure, you spend some time when you're struggling in the game and learn from your mistakes.テつ You can also spend some time with some of the good things you've done to get ready for our next game.
We've been here before.テつ We were here before earlier in the Playoffs.テつ And so we'll just take the next game.テつ It's all we're looking for is our next game.

Q.テつ Coach, you just kind of mentioned it.テつ You've gone deep into series this entire Playoffs.テつ Is there something that you take from that, having that experience already and try to use it to motivate or send a message?
COACH TORTORELLA:テつ Just that; we've been through it before.テつ And I know the guys are‑‑ it's a hard one to lose the way we lost tonight, crawling back into it, but we'll go through our day tomorrow.テつ We'll regroup.
And, again, I have tremendous amount of confidence in how we'll react to this.

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