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May 21, 2012

John Tortorella


Devils – 4
Rangers – 1

Q.Coach, what went wrong with your club, and how do you fix it for the next game?
COACH TORTORELLA:  Well, I think the most important thing is we just have to have the puck more.

Q.  We talked about slow starts, and this one really bit you a lot harder than any of the last three games.  Is there anything you can point to with your team and not getting off to a good enough start in the first period?
COACH TORTORELLA:  No, again it goes back to, in answering Stan's question, we have to hold on to some pucks.  We had opportunities.  We had the yips with us.  We just gave it back to them, and they just progressed with their forecheck and moment comes their way.

Q.  How out of character is that for your D to give pucks away the way that it did tonight and not hold on to it?
COACH TORTORELLA:  It was a struggle.  It was a struggle for a number of our guys.  But we have to move by it.  We have to have a short‑term memory.  I thought we gained some traction as the game went on.  Still not making a big offensive play when we need to to maybe score a goal at that time in the second period.
So we go back home.  We regroup and play another game.

Q.  When you see an incident like Rupp and Brodeur at the end in the third period, do you see that as a player trying to give you energy?
COACH TORTORELLA:  It probably shouldn't have happened, because I thought it was a legal hit.  Just play.  None of that would have happened if we just kept on playing the game.  I don't know why there was a penalty called.  I'm not questioning the referee.  I just thought it was a legal hit.  None of that would have happened.

Q.  The exchange between you and DeBoer, after that...
COACH TORTORELLA:  I'm not going to answer any questions on that.  Thank you.

Q.  And just you guys were trying to provide‑‑ they haven't been out of character like that at the end of a game, is it just frustration, they're trying to work hard to the end?
COACH TORTORELLA:  I think it's a series.  I think you need to work hard.  I think you need to continue to try to finish your checks.  I'm not‑‑ the penalties, again, we don't want to parade to the penalty box, but you still need to play.
And I thought some guys did.  I don't think we were that smart in certain situations, but, again, it's a three‑game series.  And this team here has been there before.  So we'll get ready to play our next one.

Q.  How optimistic are you about coming back and winning the next game?
COACH TORTORELLA:  I'm very optimistic.  I still think some guys are close to getting their games.  I don't think all of us are there.  But as I've said all year long with this club, when you get in these situations, and we've been trading all playoff season, they always find a way to find a good game.  So I'm truly confident we'll answer it the proper way when we play our next one.

Q.  If Prust receives a suspension for what happened in Game 3, are you worried at all of Rupp getting a penalty from the league after what happened?
COACH TORTORELLA:  No, it's not up to me.  I'm not worried about it.

Q.  Concerned at all that the team struggled to put together back‑to‑back consistent complete games?
COACH TORTORELLA:  Am I worried?  All's I'm concerned about is the next game.  We need to answer the proper way.  That's the only thing I'm concerned about right now, how we're going to answer.  And we've done it all Playoffs.

Q.  Del Zotto fighting a little bit, is that why ‑‑
COACH TORTORELLA:  Yeah.  It was a struggle for him.  He hasn't had many games like that this year.  And we figure‑‑ I have an extra D dressed.  We figured we'd take a little pressure off him, let him‑‑ just let him watch it, and Michael has gone through a great process.  He's a big part of our club.  He'll bounce back.

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