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May 21, 2012

Peter DeBoer


Q.テつ Have you decided on your lineup, any changes?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Sykora's out and Josefson is in.

Q.テつ Would you say anything to Josefson or would you let him sort of go at it?テつ And what do you hope he'll bring to this lineup and maybe push you guys forward?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I had a brief conversation with him yesterday.テつ Basically just get in, bring us some energy, play like you did the last three, four weeks of the season.テつ He's had a tough year between the injuries and the adversity, really over the last two years.
And I really felt the last two, three weeks of the season he had refound his game and his confidence.テつ And if we can get a version of that player in the lineup tonight, we'll be a better team.

Q.テつ The Rangers' defense corps present a different challenge in terms of the offensive push than what you've seen in the previous two series?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I don't think so.テつ They found a way to find some holes and score a few goals.テつ But I don't think they give them more offensive push than Florida's D did with Brian Campbell and Kulikov, when Garrison was in there, Philly had D men in Coburn, and there's similarities in all three of these teams that we played that their defensemen are active.
You look at the four teams left, and every one has an active defense.テつ I think that's pretty standard nowadays.
They found some holes the first three games.テつ I don't think it's been as much breakdown as they first thought and made the most of it.テつ But nothing we haven't seen before.

Q.テつ What impact do you expect (indiscernible)?
COACH DeBOER:テつ None.テつ One guy out; one guy in.テつ And for us nothing changes.テつ I'm sure they're going to dress a good lineup and be ready to go.

Q.テつ After Game 3 you mentioned you didn't want to overanalyze things, the team had played well.テつ With that in mind, was it tough to make the decision to maybe shake things up, and I guess what pushed you in that direction?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Yeah, it was tough to shake things up in that I felt we played a solid game.テつ We still‑ we didn't score.テつ So that made it easier.
What pushed me in this direction is just the availability of another very good player in Josefson.テつ He hadn't been available up until this point.テつ So he's available.テつ You throw him in the mix, and, yeah, it's tough decisions when you're sitting out Sykora who has played well for us this year and scored some goals.
But those are the decisions we have to make.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
COACH DeBOER:テつ You can't this time of year.テつ That's the bottom line.テつ We've got to come out with our best game and I'm confident we will.

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