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June 8, 2001

Martin Brodeur

Ken Daneyko

Scott Stevens


Q. Have you been able to forget last night and just let it go?

MARTIN BRODEUR: You have to. It's a great time right now. We are going to a Game 7. So I think just not going to do any good for us to think about the last game. We have just got to move on.

Q. Thoughts going into the game tomorrow night.

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, it is going to be an exciting one. The whole world is looking forward to it. I am. It is pretty special, Game 7, Stanley Cup Finals. It's everybody's dream to be a part of a game like that.

Q. How would you describe your mindset right now?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Relaxed, I think. I think everybody knows that we are going to need all the energy that we can for Game 7, tomorrow's game, so I think right now I think just try to forget about everything, forget about all the arrangements about the game and just relax and get your mind clear and get yourself prepared tomorrow.

Q. What would you like to see the team do differently tomorrow?

MARTIN BRODEUR: It has all been working. I think if we go out and work really hard and hustle and get some chance offensively, be able to bury them early, score some goals. This is one of the things I'd love to see but definitely the effort if we are going to go down, might as well as go down hard. We want to play as well as we can. From there you are going to give yourself a chance to win if your effort is there.

Q. Officiating wise?

KEN DANEYKO: I don't think you want to test anything because you never know what they are going to call. Got to play your game and obviously I think you got to be careful because a powerplay earlier and penalties here or there can cost you right off the bat. You may never be able to regroup. So we know it is important for us not to the take penalties. The difference in the game last night we didn't capitalize on our powerplays. A lot had to do with the goaltending because we had a disallowed goal, we had a breakaway, we had a lot of opportunities but if we do get a powerplay and we have got to capitalize on it and if we take a penalty we certainly have to kill it because it can really get the team in the right direction.

Q. You guys have been around a bit, is there any fear that maybe some guys let Patrick (inaudible) --

KEN DANEYKO: I don't think so. Because we have had success against him here just like they have had success against us in our building. This is one game now, you don't worry about players or things or people getting in peoples' heads. It is winner take all, one game, like the Super Bowl. All you can do is work your hardest, lay it all on the line, let the end result take care of itself. If you can look in the mirror at the end of the game and say you gave it your all, that's all you can do.

Q. If you look at the scores of the games there really has been no carryover from one game to the next. Do you feel like there is no momentum factor here; that this is one game tomorrow?

KEN DANEYKO: Exactly. We lost Game 1 5-0; won the next game. We bombed them in here. They come back in Jersey and beat us. It's just the fact that it is two great teams and whoever gets the momentum and gets early goals seems to be able to sit on the lead. But I don't think there's any indication how the series -- a lot of those lopsided scores, the other teams actually will play the other team which we did early and could have been up. Then you start pressing just like even in Colorado here when they start pressing when they got behind in Game 5 against us, so it's one of those series, two best teams in hockey and everything is on the line now and it is only fitting that it came down to a Game 7. I think the hockey world is excited about it. This is what you play for. To come out in a big Game 7 and go out and perform it is an exciting time. You have got to cherish the moment and go for it.

Q. Only 24 hours before the game. Is there really any preparation left? Is it just: Get focused?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think we have talked enough and we all know what we have to do at this point. It's just a matter of doing it and doing it consistently. There's nothing else to be said.

Q. More exciting when you see (inaudible) Martin can steal a game, you saw what Patrick can do last night?

SCOTT STEVENS: That seems to be a big part of the series so far, one team scores a lot of goals and then next night they can't score. Both teams have had trouble finding consistency, I guess you could say, but I guess it's appropriate, it comes down to one game now.

Q. What exactly is the reason you guys are so successful on the road?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think we don't try to do too much. We keep it simple; play a simple game and don't try to do too much or try to put a show on. That's the bottom line. We have been saying that the whole time, sometimes when we get home you tend to try to do it a little too much, make the tough play when you can make the easy play. That just confuses things and makes things even worse.

Q. Do you feel like you are putting on a show?

SCOTT STEVENS: After they scored the first goal maybe then things changed, people think they are going to do it themselves. Or you hang on to the puck too long, you don't move it when you should move it. That has been a common occurrence. And it's something that we talked about before and we bring it up all the time but it is just a matter of doing it consistently.

Q. In addition to trying to win, putting on a show (inaudible) --

SCOTT STEVENS: I thought we had a great first period, I don't care what anyone says. We had -- I watched the first period over, and we had five or six good scoring chances, so, I can't complain about it, but we didn't maintain that after the first and was it because of the goal they got that was deflating at the time? Maybe. I don't know, possibly. But the one goal shouldn't deflate you. We had 40 minutes left but I definitely think it changed the way we played after that.

Q. Would you agree with the coach's assessment that nobody played well on your team; you think he was just being emotional?

SCOTT STEVENS: It doesn't really matter right now. I mean, we have to be better as a team.

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