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May 20, 2012

Phil Mickelson


Q.テつ Phil, (Away from mic.)
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ We had such a great week.テつ There was so much to do here in Dallas:テつ The two Ranger games, water parks.テつ She and I had a special week, and I really had a great time here.テつ This is a well‑run event and I'm happy I was able to come back.

Q.テつ Ultimately when you look back on this round today, the problem might have been yesterday, and trying to get yourself closer to the leaderboard?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ Yeah, I didn't strike it well this week, and when the wind came up this week my misses were magnified and I hit into some crazy spots.テつ Today there wasn't any win, they were more playable and manageable, and I was able to get hot with the putter.テつ It's not like I knocked down the flag by any means, but I tried to make some on the greens.

Q.テつ After you missed your putt on the 17, I sensed maybe a let down.テつ (Away from mic.)
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I was certainly disappointed with not getting that birdie putt on 17.テつ I felt if I could get 17 or 18, get to 9 or 10 ‑‑ it's playing easy enough where I think there will be birdies coming in; you just never know.テつ It was disappointing to have missed that first putt.テつ I don't know what happened on the second.テつ I gave it my full attention, I left it like I wanted to, it spun out.テつ 18 I thought I missed a good shot, to be honest, I don't know how it came up short.テつ It was on a good line, 15 feet from the pin, not enough.

Q.テつ We will look forward to seeing you at Colonial.

Q.テつ You got hot.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ It was a fun day, I made some birdie putts, it was a fun day.テつ Without any wind, the course was in great shape.テつ I felt like I had it going.

Q.テつ When you dropped the long one at 8 did you think you were in it now?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I didn't think I was in it but I felt like I had a chance to make a run.テつ The leaders weren't on the course long enough to see what they were going to be doing scorewise.テつ I felt I needed to shoot four or five more birdies and I thought it was out there.テつ Came close, but in the end the last couple of bogeys were disappointing.

Q.テつ Fun week, though wasn't it?テつ Silver and blue, in honor of the Cowboys?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ Certainly it's Cowboy territory.テつ It was a great week.テつ It was my date weekend with my daughter, Sophia.テつ We took in ranger games, six flags, water parks, all kinds of things and had a great week.

Q.テつ Talk about the state of your game right now and maybe what you take going into the Open.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I felt like the last three weeks I played well, but not really got score out of it.テつ This week didn't hit it quite as well.テつ Had a good final round, got hot with the putter.テつ I don't know what I take into the Open.テつ I will have this week off, and I will spend a whole week up at Olympic before we start the U.S. Open, getting ready.
It's a whole different golf course because not only is the style different, the fairways are tight, the air is so thick.テつ You get curvature on the ball, you have to control it well, and I think that the heat that we have here in Dallas the ball doesn't curve as much.テつ It's hard to compare the two.

Q.テつ Not the ending you wanted but you had a good day out there.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I had a great day today.テつ The wind was calm, left the golf course acceptable with birdies, I got hot with the putter.テつ I didn't knock down the pins but I gave myself some putts and made a few and it was nice to see some of them going in.テつ Had a fun day, made a good move and the last bogeys were disappointing but it was still fun.

Q.テつ Phil, you have Memorial and then on to the U.S. Open.テつ Does this tell you anything about where you are in the U.S. Open preparation?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I'm not sure what it says.テつ I'm not far off, but I'm not where I want to be.

Q.テつ Phil, the crowds have been big today and cheering you on.テつ What was it like out there?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ Dallas has given me some of the best, most exciting sporting events that I've been a part of.テつ I went to a Dallas Stars game, and I didn't grow up with hockey, and to have that experience, to see 48,000 people at a regular Rangers game, that's special.テつ I've been to a couple of Mavs playoff games.テつ The community supports sports so well here and this tournament is no different.
The size of the crowd as well as the quality of the crowds are great, and it's fun for us to be a part of it.

Q.テつ I thought as you were walking to the 17 tee, the fan interaction‑‑ (Away from mic.)
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I try to, the little cute ones.テつ You wouldn't have gotten one.

Q.テつ The birdie that you had early on.
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ I made a birdie on 5 where it just started.テつ I started the round, made a good putt, 12, 15 feet.テつ Didn't knock it close all day, but I made some good putts and it was fun to make a bit of a run up the board.

Q.テつ When you didn't birdie 17, was it disappointing?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ It was.テつ I had a chance for a good putt and when I missed it; certainly I was disappointed.テつ I felt like if I could get the last two, you never know.テつ It probably would not have been enough but you ever know.テつ The last putt I gave it my full attention, but it didn't go in.テつ I came up short on 18.テつ I don't know what happened there.

Q.テつ Phil, as you finish, how special was it to be here?
PHIL MICKELSON:テつ It was really fun to get back to Dallas this week and participate in this event.テつ Peggy Nelson is such a great lady and Byron Nelson, her husband, was one of greatest men I've ever met, and it's a great event.テつ It honors his name, and we're, as players, excited to be here.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Phil.

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