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May 19, 2012

Paul Lawrie


STEVE TODD:  You seemed to get some nice rhythm especially this afternoon and looked like you were enjoying yourself.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, I struggled start of the week with ball‑striking and I just kind of tried to keep working on rhythm and tried to think of speed all day.  Especially when it gets windy, you have to take a bit of speed off your swing and hit maybe one more club.  So it was something I enjoy doing, so worked on it all day and played good.

Q.  Worried about your ball‑striking at the moment?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Every player struggles from time to time.  You can struggle with your ball‑striking, and you have to rely on your short game and that's the way golf is.

Q.  So no regrets about the U.S. Open decision, looking long term at that?
PAUL LAWRIE:  We thought about it for quite a while to be honest.  As soon as I won Qatar, we knew it was going to be a little bit of an issue and it was going to come up and I was going to have to do something about it.
But you look at the schedule and you work it all out, it was the thing to do for me.  I have no problem with the decision.  And to be fair, I think the way it's been explained, you can see what I'm on about.  The way I've done my schedule is the best for me.

Q.  Could very well turn out that you win here and you're almost there.  So what would that mean, just actually getting so close this early in the season?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Almost there, for what?

Q.  For The Ryder Cup.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, even winning here, my job is just to sort of play the whole thing down and go to the PGA at Wentworth, BMW, and do as well as I can there.
I'm not thinking about there even if I win this week.  A lot of things could happen and a lot of tournaments to be played.  Two or three guys could go on an unbelievable run and win two or three events, and man, you could easily get past.
If things go well tomorrow, then obviously it's a step closer for me, but that's all it is.  I don't see anything changing this week, even if I win, which we are a long way away from.  Yes, that would be nice, but two more rounds to go yet.

Q.  Have you spoken with Ollie?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I played with him in Seville, and played awful.  That's as bad as I can play when I played with him.  I jokingly said to him going down the 16th the second day, I guess that's me knackered‑‑  (laughing).  We played together for a long, long time, many years and always like to play with him.  You can see how someone pitches the ball properly when you play with him.  He's one of best I've ever seen, so it's always nice to play with him.

Q.  Do you enjoy match play?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I like match play, yeah.  It breaks up the four‑round stroke‑play tournaments we play all year.  I kind of like the 18‑hole part of it, as well.  You've got to get ahead and try to stay ahead and kick on.  I enjoy the match play and the head‑to‑head part of it.  Not in the same league only Poulter enjoys it, but I quite like it.  Quite enjoy it.

Q.  You had a good record in '99 at The Ryder Cup.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, three and a half points out of five but to be fair, Monty was my partner for four of the five games, and at the time he was second best player in the world; he was magnificent that week.  Hard not to win points if he's your partner and he's playing well.

Q.  Inaudible.
PAUL LAWRIE:  I lost‑‑ what I can do but I know what I can do and what I can't do.  I have no problem hitting the opening tee shot there.  I was nervous on the tee obviously but you've just got to stand there‑‑ if I hit it off the odd holes, then that's what I do.  If I put myself in position to do it ‑‑ I loved it.  I really enjoyed it.  I'm kind of disappointed I haven't played The Ryder Cup since then.
I think that's one of the big disappointments of my career is I've only played once in it, so I'm keen to get in this time; especially with Ollie as captain, I think he's going to be magnificent as captain.

Q.  Anything come close to that?
PAUL LAWRIE:  No, but again, I kind of quite enjoyed it.  It was a bit of a scrap and you get on with it.  It's not a problem for me.
Obviously the crowd weren't the best at times but that's a long time ago.  I think everyone's put that to bed ages ago and you get on with it.  Great tournament.  One of the best tournaments you'll play ever in your career.
STEVE TODD:  Best of luck tomorrow, thank you.

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