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May 19, 2012

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Well, I actually boxed a good fight, but I ended up in the cuts room getting stitched up.
Nicolas, he played really‑‑ he was 7‑under par today through 15 holes.  Just played a wonderful round of golf.  I mean, I was just 3‑down a couple of times, got it back to two and on both occasions he came straight back with a birdie two on the par3s.
He kept closing the door, and I hit a drive out of my boots on 14, knocked it on dance floor, as he did, and he rolled his in for another eagle.  I think he had four or five twos out there on his scorecard.  It's tough to play against.
But hopefully he'll go all the way.  I mean, this course suits him, there's no doubt.  His length around here is a huge advantage, and he's such a nice guy, too.  His short game, there's maybe a crack with the short game, but he kept making good putts and good up‑and‑downs and was tough to beat.

Q.  You did land some punches yourself, as you say, plenty of red figures.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Exactly.  I think I might have been a generous 3‑under, 3‑ or 4‑under, but made a couple mistakes on the front nine.  But other than that, it was a good, decent effort.  But, I guess this is match play.  I'm 15‑under on my own ball for three rounds of golf and going home.  Unfortunately that's the way this tournament is.

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