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May 19, 2012

Alvaro Quiros


Q.  Your thoughts on today, please?
ALVARO QUIROS:  Well, I'm very happy.  Obviously Ian is always a difficult guy to beat, even when he's not playing at his best and at the end I have to recognise that the most happiest thing of the day is that I stayed together.
The beginning of the year was not that good with the putting.  But the game was very similar, we were playing both of us very close to each other.  And at the end, what changed the situation in my favour was the putting.

Q.  Do you feel you're getting better and better as the week goes on?
ALVARO QUIROS:  I wouldn't say that.  At the beginning of the week, I was hitting the ball well and probably the only difference between Thursday's match and the next two rounds was the putting stroke.  I holed no putts, simple as that.

Q.  Clearly Poulter, defending champion, has a great reputation in match play, does that change your approach to a match when you know you are up against somebody as formidable as that?
ALVARO QUIROS:  No, I wouldn't say that.  Obviously Ian is a great player, there's no doubt about it, especially in match play, but inside of, that he's a human being, like the others.  For me, it's not going to be a very special point after winning him, no.

Q.  And you have another tough match to come?
ALVARO QUIROS:  Yeah, it will be tough, always.  Match play, any of the guys we are playing are not easy to beat, otherwise they would not be here.  It will be tough this afternoon.

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