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May 19, 2012

Keegan Bradley


Q.テつ Keegan, talk about the birdie on 12 that bounced back.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, good putt.テつ I just got some bad breaks on 11, couple of 'em.
Then it was a good birdie on 12.

Q.テつ On 12, how did you play that hole?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ 3‑wood, 9‑iron in the bunker and 9‑iron short and made birdie.

Q.テつ Good hole to set up with a 3‑wood, you think?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, yeah.

Q.テつ The way that‑‑ (Away from mic.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ No, it's definitely good.テつ I played very well today, other than one hole.

Q.テつ (Away from mic.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ Yeah, I mean, I just tried to hit into that hill and get it in the bunker, and I figured if it somehow got past the first one there was another one there.
I don't know how it got around both of them.

Q.テつ After a hot day yesterday I was surprised to see you working out at the gym.テつ Talk about what that has meant for your overall fitness.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:テつ I feel good on the golf course; it's just to make me a better player, and he's helping me to do that.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Keegan.

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