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May 18, 2012

Robert Rock


Q.  Your thoughts on beating The Open Champion?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, that was good.  And a pleasure to play with Darren, he was good fun all the way around.  Neither of us holed many putts, so I'm pleased.

Q.  The victoryby Justin yesterday ‑‑
ROBERT ROCK:  Getting beat 7 & 5 is really not much fun.  I played good today.  I need to work on the speed of the greens.  I haven't judged them well.  Made a couple of putts today when I needed to; hence, I was a couple up, but I need to hole a few more putts I think.

Q.  Looking like you are through potentially‑‑
ROBERT ROCK:  I'm not fully understanding the format yet.  Wait and see how the boys do this afternoon.

Q.  You looked a bit shellshocked when Justin did what he did yesterday.
ROBERT ROCK.  Yeah, I was hoping for just a gentle start into the tournament.  But yeah, that was another lesson learned in match play.

Q.  What are your thoughts on playing match play?
ROBERT ROCK:  You can't really be giving away too many holes.  It's too hard and the guys are too good for that.  Justin won the first, he won four out of the first five, and then I gave him one after that.  With the game with Darren, I 3‑putted twice early on today, and shouldn't have done either of those.  So the mistakes have got to go.

Q.  There's not that many opportunities that you play match play.
ROBERT ROCK:  Really only played amateur as an amateur and didn't play any of the top players.

Q.  Volvo World Match Play at Wentworth, an event you must have watched on TV?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, every time.  Would have loved to actually play in it, and a little shocked to actually be in it and that I've been included in this.

Q.  Sounds like you might have to pinch yourself that you're involved with a tournament of this tradition and history.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, absolutely.  It's a great field, isn't it.  It's always nice to be part of these events, and they are looking after us really well, so Volvo are doing a good job.

Q.  Do you watch what happens with Justin Rose and Darren Clarke?
ROBERT ROCK:  I think I will, actually.  I might learn something about the greens if I watch on TV.  I'll watch and see how Justin plays again.

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