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May 18, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  How was it?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† That was a bit of a crazy hole downwind.¬† I had never played it downwind.¬† I blocked my tee shot, he slightly pulled his tee shot and was dead in the bushes.¬† I had no idea where he hit it to be honest.¬† I think he was surprised to see his ball in the bushes.¬† He didn't find his ball and going back to the tee, I had 7‑iron to the green, I was going to make four.¬† Because he didn't find his ball, it would have dropped two‑club lengths back to the side and there was no line, so it was back to the tee.

Q.  Your job is obviously to beat him, but do you feel sorry for what he's going through at the moment?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, he obviously alluded to the fact that things haven't gone terribly right since winning The Open.  It must be tough, all of the expectation.  The only thing that's gone right for him, which you've got to really hopefully draw on is his family life.  That's some positives there and I think living back in Northern Ireland, he's really enjoying that.
So obviously he's a good enough player, but hopefully the golf will come around.  He's got to try and be patient.  We've all been there.  Yeah, you see it still hurts him.
He was very complimentary after the round.¬† It's tough but it's not like he's‑‑ he knows this game.

Q.  Playing well?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, feeling good, I feel comfortable right now.¬† 18‑hole match play‑‑ if it was stoke‑play event, I'd probably have a five‑ or six‑shot lead. ¬†But the score, it means nothing tomorrow morning.
The putting, definitely made some changes this week.¬† Went left‑hand‑low, changed putters.¬† I've done it before a few times actually.¬† Just trying something different really.¬† My putting has not been terrible this year and played some solid golf but I feel like when I make putts, I contend and I win.
So just trying to find the spot to get the ball in the hole.  I've made some nice breaking putts this week.  I'm beginning to read the lines quite well.

Q.  Is this as good as you've played, this patch?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, it's tough, match play, really‑‑

Q.  The best in a few months?
JUSTIN ROSE:  In general, it's been the most consistent spell really, if you take it back to 2010, it's been more steady.

Q.¬† Ryder Cup determination‑‑
JUSTIN ROSE:  Certainly determination.  In general terms in my career, it's an individual game but certainly this Ryder Cup, much more determined just to make sure I get in rather than rely on any kind of pick.

Q.¬† Does Poulter's play over the last 14 matches he's played, in Europe and Wentworth‑‑ he likes this format.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, he definitely has some special ability to play match play.  I think it's a short game typically.  He seems to make the putts at the right time.  I think that's key in match play.
My match‑play record is so‑so, and pretty decent Ryder Cup.¬† It's definitely a different skill.¬† It's obviously a little bit‑‑ you can get lucky in match play.¬† You can't get lucky to win 14 straight, you're lucky to win your game playing well but you can also play well and lose.¬† It's about crucial moments and being able to step up and make the putt when it's really needed.

Q.  Everything coming up roses here?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It is, so far, so good.  It's nice to get out of the group and get into the last 16.  But obviously what you've done the first two days means nothing as of tomorrow morning.  So four more tough matches ahead, I'm sure.

Q.  What is the heart of how you're playing at the moment?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously I'm swinging it nicely, committing to my shots and doing all the right things right now.  Just staying in my rhythm and routine and hopefully that will continue for the rest of the week.

Q.  What will change for the weekend now that you're out of these groups?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Each match is 18 holes of match play and you've just got to go into it being as good as you can, because every player in this field is capable of getting hot, and you know, obviously that's been me the last couple of days, tough to play against.
But I have to be ready to be patient, as well, if it doesn't quite go my way early in the matches which is what's happened the first two days.

Q.  Anything you've learned from in the first two days, any turning points, maybe when your back was against the wall on a particular hole?
JUSTIN ROSE:  There's a couple, you've got to expect your playing partner to make par.  Darren did that a couple of times.  Always got to expect the unexpected.

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