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May 18, 2012

Dicky Pride


Q.テつ Dicky, 10 birdies, two days‑‑
DICKY PRIDE:テつ Really?

Q.テつ Really.テつ You didn't know that?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ No, but I'll take it.

Q.テつ Take it and figure it out from there?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ Exactly, go from there.

Q.テつ What were the keys this week?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I've had a lot of solid iron shots this week and obviously made putts.
It's playing tough out there, so I don't imagine the scores will go lower.

Q.テつ Do you like the new golf course compared to the old one?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I think the last time I played here we chased a lot of balls!テつ It's hard to remember, but I like the golf course.

Q.テつ If you're here now and playing well now you must like this one.
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I like this one.

Q.テつ Well, keep it going.
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I will try.

Q.テつ LeRoy Jordan following you around out there today?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ Yeah, it was a surprise.テつ I hadn't seen him in a couple of years; it was nice to see him.

Q.テつ Talk about that last hole.
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I made bogey.テつ I was pretty happy with the shots I hit.

Q.テつ (Away from mic.)
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I got distracted off the tee, hit a bad tee shot, my worst shot of the week.テつ I was happy I dug it out of the bunker, eventually, and I was happy it spit out and ‑‑ it was a ridiculously hard shot.テつ I just left the putt short.

Q.テつ You are right there for the weekend, pretty exciting stuff.
DICKY PRIDE:テつ Yeah, kinda what we're trying to do here.

Q.テつ Do you remember the last time you won on the TOUR?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ Last time I won on the TOUR was 1994; you don't forget those.

Q.テつ I think that was(away from mic.)
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I think I was, too.

Q.テつ (Away from the mic.)
DICKY PRIDE:テつ The jury is still out on that one.

Q.テつ What does it mean to be here in contention for the weekend and being able to say that you are in good shape?
DICKY PRIDE:テつ I'm playing solid, I can't get all caught up with what's going on with the leaderboard, just playing good.テつ Just put yourself into position and see what you can do.

Q. Thank you.

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