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May 18, 2012

Ryan Palmer


THE MODERATOR:テつ Ryan Palmer joins us in the interview room here at the HP Byron Nelson Championship after an even parr 70.テつ Ryan, always tough to come back after a really good round like you had yesterday, but you hung in there today.テつ Talk about your round.
RYAN PALMER:テつ It is one of the hardest things to do after a low round, making a lot of putts and hitin' it good to come back and do it again.テつ Kind of sluggish startin' off, bogeyed 3, made a par putt on 4, but I survived.テつ The winds were picking up and I just kept trying to hit fairway and greens and made a few putts coming in.
Huge to make birdie on the last hole to get back to 6 and potentially in the final group with Chad, so to birdie the last hole is an awesome feeling going into tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Bogey on No. 3?
RYAN PALMER:テつ Hit it in the water.テつ Ended up in the water, and I actually had a great up and down out of the bunker.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Bogey on 5?
RYAN PALMER:テつ On 5 I hit a decent wedge and ended up 3‑putting, unfortunately I hit a bad putt and ran it by and then I birdied 7, which was‑‑ I played this course enough I can't remember.テつ What is 7?
RYAN PALMER:テつ Oh, yeah (Laughter.)テつ Bombed the drive, 185 to the hole and hit a great 6‑iron, hit a two‑putt and then made all pars and came back with birdie on 12.
I hit a great drive again with a nice gap wedge to 15, 17 feet and made a putt and then the big birdie on 18.テつ Awesome day to go out and shoot 70 and finish the way I did.

Q.テつ With the wind how much tougher was it out there today?
RYAN PALMER:テつ It was picking up, especially toward the end of the‑‑ first part of the back nine, I was hitting more flighted shots and trying to control the ball, and one of my worst tee shots I hit today was 15, and left to right is one of my hardest shots to hit, and that was one of the bogeys I made.テつ It was picking up and those guys this afternoon are going to have a lot of fun.

Q.テつ Ryan, can you talk about Chad and kind of how you guys know each other?
RYAN PALMER:テつ Yeah, we met in high school.テつ His caddie, Judd Burkett, I grew up with.テつ He was a senior and I was a freshman at Emerald High.テつ We played on the same golf team, watched him play basketball in high school, and we were next door neighbors, when I first moved here in '03, '04.
So, of course, I've known Chad since college days.テつ I live probably a 5‑wood away from Chad.テつ What's funny is I never see him at home; it's always on the road.テつ He and Judd are two of my closest friends out here for sure.

Q.テつ You talked about the idea of possibly playing together tomorrow.テつ What does that do for you when you play with somebody you know that well?
RYAN PALMER:テつ It's nice, because we can keep each other loose just talking, about things other than golf.
We are both wishing each other to play good, obviously we want to beat each other, too.テつ But it's nice to play with somebody you know, and it's a "walk in the park" with them and next thing you know you're playing golf.テつ I hope it works out because it will be fun with James and Judd and Chad and I. We're real close, and the family and friends we have in town, we could be the popular group tomorrow.テつ Oh, no, Phil's here, darn it! (Laughter).

Q.テつ What does Judd think of the whole caddie, directing the golfer philosophy?テつ Does he give you a hard time about that?
RYAN PALMER:テつ There will be jokes later I bet.テつ He hasn't said too much about it.テつ Everybody keeps asking me, "Is James calling the shots, still?"テつ And I go, "He still is."
テつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつ And I hit a 6‑iron on 11 and D.A.'s caddie was like, "What, James didn't like driver?"テつ And I was like, "I wasn't going to hit it if he gave it to me."テつ He will give me a ribbing, I'm sure; Judd does it all the time.テつ It's all good fun.

Q.テつ Is it too much to make of where you guys grew up from and where you lived to be great wind players?
RYAN PALMER:テつ I guess not.テつ He grew up in Andrews, Texas, and me in Amarillo, and what's funny is we both don't like big cuts so there will be a lot of draws hit tomorrow.テつ It will be great to get out there, and we both know how to work the ball well in the wind.テつ Exciting.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Ryan, thank you for coming by.

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