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May 18, 2012

Chad Campbell


THE MODERATOR:テつ We would like to welcome Chad Campbell into the interview room after a 4‑under par, 66, Chad, tremendous playing, four birdies, no bogies.テつ Can we get your comments?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Felt good, kept the ball in the fairway, which is important here.テつ It's important on all golf courses, but especially here; that Bermuda rough is tricky.テつ So get the ball in the fairway and you got a chance to get it close to the hole so you have a lot of looks.テつ Fortunately I was able to do that today and I was able to make a few putts.

THE MODERATOR:テつテつ Take us through your birdies, No. 4?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ 3‑wood, 9‑iron to 10 feet behind the hole.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ No. 6 was driver, 6‑iron, 220, 25 foot.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ No. 8 was a driver, 9‑iron to probably 6 feet.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ That was a 4‑iron to about a foot.

Q.テつ Chad, considering the forecast for the winds to kick up later today and tomorrow, what was it like out there today and how good it was to post a number this morning?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ It was definitely nice to get out there early this morning with not much wind.テつ Probably our last six or seven holes it started picking up and I think it's going to keep picking up throughout the day.テつ It was nice to get the round done before those winds started kicking in.

Q.テつ Chad, can you talk about how good it might feel to string together some good rounds here and kind of your battle here?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Right.テつ No, it's great.テつ I haven't played too well here the last few years, so it's just‑‑ it's nice to be playing a little bit better.
It's been a little bit of a long year, and I played some not so good golf.テつ It's nice to play a couple of good rounds.テつ There is a long ways to go but I'm definitely happy with the way things are going right now.

Q.テつ How close do you live to Ryan?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Um, not very.テつ Probably driving about 3 minutes (chuckles).テつ Our backyards are about 500 yards from each other, probably.

Q.テつ Did you ask him at all, or do you guys talk about this tournament, especially last year?テつ He played so well and lost in the playoff.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Not too much.テつ We have both played this course so many times.テつ We're definitely friends and talk but not really about anything in particular.

Q.テつ And how many people do you have following you this week?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ There is quite a few.テつ Right now there's probably 10 or 20 out there, and I would say more over the weekend so it's nice to have that support out there while you're playing.

Q.テつ Chad, going off the Ryan theme, you haven't done anything outrageous with your course strategy, like handing the reigns over to your caddie, ask him for club selections?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ No, no, my story is not quite as good.テつ (Chuckles) I just try to hit what we think is the best option.テつ That's what we do every week.

Q.テつ Chad, are you putting real well the last two days or hitting your irons well?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ A little bit of everything, really, but definitely made a few putts.テつ Today I made a 25‑footer, so that always helps.
I think more importantly it's keeping the ball in the fairway out here.テつ There is a lot of hard golf holes out there and you can get out of position, get in the rough and get bad angles to the pins and the greens.テつ Keep the ball in the fairway and you can shoot some scores around here.

Q.テつ Chad, did you feel like this was coming on?テつ You were about due to do something like this?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ It's hard for me to‑‑ nobody would probably believe me but, like I said, I felt like I've been closer to a while now and I had a couple of good days in Hilton Head and didn't play that well on the weekend but felt like everything was going in the right direction and trying to be patient and waiting.テつ Golf is a crazy game.

Q.テつ When you're looking to try to feel that way, do you try to go back on your past experiences or keep a fresh mind and move forward?テつ Where is the balance?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I definitely reflect a little bit on the past, things I did in my swing or putting stroke or just whatever.テつ Just "feels" that I had then and hopefully regain those feels that you had in the past that worked.

Q.テつ Chad, given your Texas roots and that you live here, are you surprised that you haven't played better here?テつ Or do we make too much of that Texas connection?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Right.テつ Um, it's hard to say.テつ You know, obviously I know the course probably as well as anybody, and you definitely think you would play better.
Some courses set up great for players and they play good there all the time, and there are some courses that players like and they never play well, so it's just kinda how you're playing at that time of the year, and fortunately, you know, coming through here I haven't been playing too well into this tournament.テつ I have had a couple of top‑10s here in the past but nothing spectacular.

Q.テつ Is there anything at all you've tweaked in recent weeks, anything you've focused on or whatever to kinda get here?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Not anything.テつ Just the same ole stuff.テつ Just trying to work on making putts, workin' my short game and just a little butt of everything.テつ All parts of my game need to do improve, so wasn't just one thing in particular.

Q.テつ Chad, how often do you play ought here during the year?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Not too much, honestly, maybe a couple of times a year other than the tournament.
THE MODERATOR:テつ All right, Chad, thanks for coming by, play well this weekend.

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