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May 17, 2012

Jason Dufner


Q.テつ Jason, a round that you sauntered through, early birdie, early bogey, and then on the backside boom, boom, boom, nice finish!
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, I hit it good today, maybe missed one green and one or two fairways, so putting wasn't where I liked it for the first 15 holes, but I hit it close on the last three and was able to get 'em in, so turned around a little bit.

Q.テつ Talked to your bride.テつ Her feet haven't hit the ground yet.テつ Are you back in grind‑away, mode?テつ Obviously the PLAYERS had to be a crazy week after the wedding.テつ Are you back in normal mode?
JASON DUFNER:テつ Yeah, a little bit.テつ It was good to get out and play competitive again, so everything is falling back into place like it was before the win and the wedding.
So I'm going to keep playing, and I got this week and next week to try and get another win.テつ I feel like I'm playing good golf, just have to stay patient and hole a couple of more putts.

Q.テつ The win and the wedding‑‑
JASON DUFNER:テつ Knocked it all out in one week, a lot of good things happening.

Q.テつ There is nothing to work on right now is there?テつ You're playing so darn well, just get out there and get out of your own way and everybody else's way.
JASON DUFNER:テつ It's been nice this year.テつ Every time I tee it up I feel like I can be competitive, and I wish my putting would have been a little better; I've been working on it a lot, and haven't seen the results on the course yet, but we'll get after it this afternoon and try and get more comfortable for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Does it feel different having the win under your belt when you're out there playing?
JASON DUFNER:テつ To be honest with you, not too much.テつ It was a great accomplishment and kinda good to get the monkey off the back, but I still feel the same.テつ My goals are the same, and I'm approaching the game the same, so everything is the same.

Q. Keep up the great work.

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