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May 17, 2012

Charley Hoffman


Q.テつ Great solid par 66 today, though you have struggled this year.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ Nothing great this year.テつ I haven't hit that great, actually coming in this week wasn't hitting that well.テつ My putter is looking good.テつ I had Shawn Callahan come in and look at me, along with other pro's, I was asking just about everybody for a tip or two.テつ Looks like I got it going, which is what you need when you're down, for the confidence level.テつ It was nice to finish 4‑under.

Q.テつ I don't think we've ever played together where you've not hit it solid.テつ I cannot imagine you going through this stretch; you've always been a good ball striker.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ Exactly, that's the tough part.テつ When you get over a shot and you're not sure how far it's going to go, kept it solid and it goes over the green.
Today I hit it good, hit it where I aimed, which was nice for a change.テつ It's definitely easier to play golf when you know where it's going.

Q.テつ Was the tip simple or more complicated?テつ
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ It's one of those things where I had to work through what I was doing wrong, and I had to have a few people tell me I was doing it wrong and work on it.テつ Golf is not easy.

Q.テつ Being stubborn is difficult, but you have to be stubborn to be good.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:テつ I'm definitely stubborn, I'm one of those guys, no doubt.テつ It's chipping away at the hard head and it feels good to shoot 4‑under.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Great play, thanks.

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