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May 17, 2012

Scott Piercy


Q.テつ Scott, opening round 66.テつ You got to be happy.テつ The weather was perfect out there.テつ What is it about this golf course that you can't go low on?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ You know, you get a lot of weird looks.テつ 18th is the perfect vent, you got the wind coming in off your left, dogleg left, something on the corners, and it's just kind of a quirky course like that, gives you funny looks off the tee, and you got to hit good shots.

Q.テつ I spoke with Ernie Els and he said there are slopes and edges, difficult to read the greens.テつ Do you feel that's the case for you, too, a little bit?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ Yeah, there are three greens in each green, sort of.
You've got to know where to leave yourself at on a putt, because they're sloped a lot.テつ They're sloped like 4 degrees, and if you're 6 feet away it breaks, which is not fun.テつ And you try to leave yourself below the hole a little bit and take care of the par 5s, and you have a chance.

Q.テつ There are three greens, and they still miss all of 'em.テつ They got 'em in the middle and not on the edge, right?
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ I thought 18 was right on the hill and I hit my first putt 4 feet past the hole, and it was iffy there, but oh well.

Q.テつ Great start.テつ Winds are supposed to come up tomorrow so good to get one under your belt.
SCOTT PIERCY:テつ It's nice because the winds do equalize the play, so if you strike it well and you're controlling your golf ball, you can move up.

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