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May 15, 2012

Zach Parise


Q.テつ Is there a frustration level when you guys get good chances in the first and second period but couldnテや冲 get a goal?
ZACH PARISE:テつ A little bit, but we ran into that a little bit in the first two series as well.テつ And we did a good job in those particular games of coming through it.
Just last night we couldn't seem to get that first one passed him and the opportunities were there.テつ Some great chances right in front of the net.テつ Some good shots from the slot.
But he made big saves, and we couldn't get that big first one and then they got one early in the third, and we couldn't rebound after that.

Q.テつ You got a lot of your offense in the first two rounds from your forecheck.テつ How much better can it be tomorrow night for Game 2 than it was last night?テつ
ZACH PARISE:テつ It can be a lot better.テつ We looked this morning at some of the different instances, and a couple times we didn't dump the puck well enough to let our first forechecker get in there and do his job.テつ And a lot of times we were just a little too spread out.テつ We would get our first guy in there but our second guy wasn't close enough.テつ And the way they play in their D zone, they overload really well.
And if you don't have your second guy in there, it's tough to get pucks back.テつ So we just have to be a little closer to each other when we're forechecking and trying and get those pucks back.

Q.テつ Lundqvist plays so differently than a lot of other goaltenders do.テつ Does it matter that you don't get to see that a lot or practice against somebody like that a lot?
ZACH PARISE:テつ We've played against him quite a bit. I think this year was the first time in a long time that he didn't actually start a game against us.テつ So we've seen our fair share of him throughout the years.テつ And we know how he plays.テつ He plays deep.テつ He plays a lot deeper than most goalies in the league.テつ And he's really good.テつ He anticipates the pass across really well laterally.テつ So he's pretty unique in that aspect of the way he plays.テつ He's a butterfly goalie.テつ All the goalies in the league are butterflies now.テつ
Nothing changes. I think you always preach the same thing, get in their sight lines.テつ Every goalie is good enough now where they're going to stop it if they see it.テつ We've have to do a better job getting in front of him and jumping on those rebounds.
I was saying yesterday, he's an MVP candidate for a reason.テつ If he sees it, he's going to stop it.テつ So we've got to make it a little harder for him.

Q.テつ Having been down 1-0 in these Playoffs already, couple of times, what experience do you draw upon in those games to try to get one at the Garden?
ZACH PARISE:テつ I think we still feel pretty good about the way we played for 40 minutes last night and we know that that game could have gone both ways, and we just didn't play well enough for a long enough period of time.テつ And that was a big difference.テつ But we feel really comfortable with the way we played.
I think we still have to be much better, and we will be.テつ I don't think we played nearly as good as we're capable of playing.テつ And so we'll have to make sure we do that tomorrow night.
But they make you work.テつ This is not‑‑ it's not an easy game playing against them.テつ They make you work for everything.テつ You have to be prepared to be hit and to create scoring chances the hard way, because they don't give you anything easy.

Q.テつ Do you think the layoff hurt you guys and they had an advantage because they played straight through?
ZACH PARISE:テつ No, I don't think so at all.テつ I thought we were rested.テつ I mean, we just made a few mental mistakes.テつ And just small things as far as not‑‑ like I was saying earlier, not getting the puck deep, which we were doing every time against Philadelphia, and we saw how it paid off for us.
We just didn't do that well enough last night.テつ They come back really hard, and their D have great gap.テつ And I think that's something that we didn't see the first two rounds; that these guys stay up on you a lot more through the neutral zone.
So we just have to do a better job with the puck.

Q.テつ With what you know about the Rangers, would it be nice to be playing with the lead here at any point in these games?
ZACH PARISE:テつ It's always nice playing with the lead.テつ Every team is for the most part a better team when they have the lead.テつ These guys, they're used to playing low‑scoring games.テつ They're comfortable playing low‑scoring games.テつ And so are we.テつ We're comfortable.テつ But it would be nice to get that lead.
They haven't been scoring a lot of goals throughout the Playoffs, but they've been giving up less.テつ So they haven't been giving up much either.
So, like I was saying yesterday the goals from both sides are going to be tough to come by

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