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May 15, 2012

Peter DeBoer


Q.テつ Couple of your players seem to be annoyed by the questioning of the effects of the blocking shots from the Rangers, saying it's overstated; that blocking shots had nothing to do with that game.テつ Is it overstated?
COACH DeBOER:テつ It's definitely not the story of the series.テつ They're a good shot‑blocking team.テつ Every team you play has strengths in certain areas.テつ And that's one of the Rangers' strengths.テつ One of the strengths of the New Jersey Devils is our penalty kill.テつ It's something you have to deal with.テつ It's not the story of the series.
And when I look back at the game last night, I think it was as much our execution or lack of execution, and whether that was the layoff or whatever, but we have to do a better job executing, too.

Q.テつ You've been able to bounce back from the two previous series when down in the series.テつ Team handled it very well.テつ Do the Rangers present a different challenge in that regard, battling back here against them down one?
COACH DeBOER:テつ No, I don't think so.テつ You're down one game.テつ And they have home ice advantage.テつ And we've been in this spot before.テつ We know we can play better.テつ And credit to them.テつ They got the job done.テつ Found a way to get a win.
Now it's on us to respond the right way.

Q.テつ What is the key with dealing with a good shot‑blocking team?テつ Traditionally, how do you counter that?
COACH DeBOER:テつ It's a bunch of different things.テつ Finding lanes, moving the puck quickly, being in the right places.テつ We've got a plan.

Q.テつ When you really had a go at it in the second period, had it backed up pretty well, how many of those penalties you took hurt you, hurt you from being able to break through?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I don't think that was the story of the second period.テつ The penalties, I don't think that took us out of our flow.テつ I think we played a great second period.テつ Easily could have had two goals.テつ We didn't find a way to come out of the period with a goal. And, like I said last night, you know, you got the sense that whoever was going to get that first goal was going to win. And they got it.

Q.テつ Just like you said last night, you said whoever got the first goal was going to win.テつ Is that do you think the margin for error in every game going forward, or is that more narrow than the previous two series?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I wouldn't say that‑‑ no, you're asking me is the first goal of every game going to decide who wins.テつ No.テつ But there's no doubt you've got two defensive teams that don't give up much either way with two great goaltenders, so there's going to be a lot of one‑goal games.

Q.テつ The players said last night after the Rangers had taken the lead that they kind of lost hope, that they lost their game.テつ Is that a sense of frustration there?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I don't think so.テつ Again, I thought we carried play in the second period.テつ They came out, got a goal early in the third.テつ Got the crowd into it.テつ I think it was much as a situation as anything.テつ It breathed some life into them and they grabbed that momentum and ran with it.
So I don't think it's frustration.テつ It's hockey.

Q.テつ Peter, going back to blocking shots, do you feel it became like the trapping of three, four, five years ago, that's the new trend, and is it to the opposing team to do something to go against it, or you would like the league to look at it as something that's deserving to be...
COACH DeBOER:テつ You're asking in‑depth questions.テつ I'm worried about getting a win the next night.テつ I'm not worried about changing the game or the trap or anything else.テつ Shot blocking's been around for 30 years.テつ Some teams do it better than others.

Q.テつ Did you like your forecheck last night?
COACH DeBOER:テつ I did for spurts.テつ Again, I thought that we held our own in the first.テつ I thought in the second period we really played the way we need to play.テつ And then in the third they grabbed the momentum with the goal and we couldn't grab it back again.

Q.テつ And how do you create more, because the first two rounds you didn't face a Henrik Lundqvist, and this one I would imagine is a much tougher challenge for you guys?
COACH DeBOER:テつ He's a challenge.テつ He's a very good goalie.テつ But Ottawa found a way to score on him.テつ So did Washington.テつ So did we during the regular season.テつ We're going to get goals.テつ We've got to concentrate and do a better job on our execution around the net.

Q.テつ Marty last night refused to blame any kind of bump on the first goal.テつ When you looked at tape, did you see anything there?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Looked like a bump to me.

Q.テつ Have you watched the Del Zotto play with his hand on the puck?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Yes, I have, yeah.テつ Looked like a hand on the puck.

Q.テつ Just since we just saw them, anything as far as Tallinder or Josefson being able to join you at some point going forward?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Getting closer.

Q.テつ Is Tallinder past the hurdle there?
COACH DeBOER:テつ He's passed some hurdles, yeah.テつ Thanks.

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