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May 12, 2012

Kevin Na


Q.  No bogeys today and you played the last three holes in 2‑under.
KEVIN NA:  Yeah, that was a good finish.  It was a tough chip on 16 but I left myself in a good position.  I was really happy to see that putt go in, and 17, I hit a decent shot.  I was a little left.  I was a little worried a little bit, but it hung on nicely.
It was a good par on 18.  What a way to finishing.  Hit a beautiful tee shot, beautiful second shot and perfect putt.  It was a good way to finish the hole.

Q.  Is it about ball‑striking and confidence at this point on this golf course?
KEVIN NA:  Yeah, you definitely need to do everything well on this golf course.  You need to keep it in play.  Hit a lot of good iron shots with the right distance, and you also need to make some putts.
So this golf course will test all parts of your game, and that's what's so great about it.

Q.  And that's what it was designed to do, identify the guy who plays the best through his bag all week.
KEVIN NA:  Definitely.  This golf course will separate the guys that's playing well and that's not.

Q.  Are you excited to be in the last group, in the lead; you've won on TOUR, so it's not an unfamiliar feeling.
KEVIN NA:  I'm very excited.  I have a chance tomorrow to become THE PLAYERS Champion.
I know Kuch is playing well and I know a lot of guys behind me are playing well.  So I'm going to have to go out and put my best game on and see what happens.

Q.  Did the conditions change kind of in the middle of the round there?  The wind laid down a little bit.
KEVIN NA:  The wind laid down a little bit.  It was actually in our favor a little bit.  But in the beginning of the round, it was very difficult with the high winds.  It will be interesting what the wind does tomorrow.

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