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August 11, 2005

Justin Leonard


JUSTIN LEONARD: Very little wind, and when there was, you didn't know which direction it was coming from because it was so light.

But the course, it seemed to play a little faster today. The fairways I think dried out a little bit and the ball was traveling pretty far because it's so hot, and the greens are still holding relatively well, or this morning they were.

It's a little slow, but it's to be expected. It's nothing unusual for a golf course like this.

I don't know, I hit in it six times today, I think, and the furthest I could hit it was about 120 yards. So unfortunately I hit it in the rough and I was laying up.

I wasn't even sure what I made when I pulled the bunker shot. I hit it in the left bunker and had a funky stance and tried to just play out safe to the right and hit it in one of those middle bunkers and chipped out and 3 wood in the bunker. Yeah, I'm still not sure if it adds up to five, but that's what they told me in the tent, so I'll believe them.

I was in one of the front bunkers. It was, you know, 40 feet.

Not really, I think it really depends on how good they want the greens to be. They are putting some water on them this morning, so I doubt they are going to get real hard fast, although the eighth and ninth green are getting pretty firm and we went through there. I think the greens with this humidity this week, they are not going to get real hard. I think the scores will be decent all week.

I don't know if it's necessary; I think it creates a buzz and that's probably what they want to do. 620, 650, I mean, what does it matter.

I don't know, I think it's on the same course or kind of course every year, but it's always a difficult test, but it's very fair. I mean, very few times have the PGA really tiptoed or gotten near a line of where guys start complaining, which that line, it's not too far out there for guys to start complaining. So I think they do a great job, and it's been on a lot of different kind of courses. I don't know, maybe I'm just glad I'm not in the Dallas heat in the middle of August.

It was a good finish, especially where my game was about a month before. But it was also disappointing and an opportunity lost. You know, I've had a few slip by, so I'd like to stop adding to that category.

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