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May 11, 2012

Adam Scott


Q.  Adam, a little scratchy this morning from yesterday, but ground a pretty good round out of today.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I got it around.  Yes, I did have the best warmup and I didn't hit my best shots out on the golf course but managed to get it around.  I'm playing fairly good, so my scratchy stuff was good enough today.  A bit disappointing to three‑jack the last, but I'm in good shape going into the weekend.  I'm within shouting distance of the leaders at the moment.

Q.  You're comfortable, you're not at your best, but going into the weekend?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I'm going to the range and hit one little bag of balls and get it back to where it was yesterday.  Just wasn't seeing my lines quite as well today.  The ball was starting either just a little left or a little right of where imagined.  And like I was saying yesterday, even the smallest of errors can be costly around here, so I put myself in little tougher positions than yesterday.

Q.  What did you do on the last, the 3‑putt, was it for a five or six?
ADAM SCOTT:  It was for a five.  I knocked it on in two and hit two really good shots, and ran it about four and a half feet by, and lipped it out.

Q.  You had the limited start in the season, but now that you're back playing and in contention, the juices must be flowing again; you're in that mind‑set.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, they are every time I play.  When you don't‑‑ when you're not out here every week, you certainly get them going right from the first tee every time.
So my game, I'm very happy with where my game sits and I think I've played fairly solid this year.  I haven't put four good days together yet.  But there's been a lot of good stuff in there, and you know, grinding it out today might help me find two more good round on the weekend.

Q.  You've heard from plenty of us on the pace of your schedule in the early part of the year; players say anything to you?  Anyone introduce themselves to you or anything?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, they just joke around with me.  I mean, if I played in Hawaii‑‑

Q.  They are just jealous.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, maybe they are jealous.  If I played in Hawai'i, the number would be too high and there would be less said.  I had to miss.  I had some surgery in December, so that's just the way it was.
And, you know, I don't feel like, because I missed two, I need to make them up.  I've played hundreds of golf tournaments, you know, and I'm hopefully going to play hundreds more.  So it's all going to be there.  I'm just doing what I feel is the best I can do to prepare myself every time I play.

Q.  What's your tee shot off 9?  What do you hit and where do you go?
ADAM SCOTT:  Today, it was a bit of anger, after bogeying the 8th.  I was able to just ride the wind right down to the far left end of the fairway and then driver, and then hook a 3‑iron around.
But it's possible, I mean, to hit 3‑wood, and still get home actually.

Q.  Is driver a risk at all?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, if you hit it too straight.  You've got to hit a good drive down the left half, and it's not the biggest risk.  It's a par 5, and you know, if you're long enough to hit it in the creek, then you can get there in two.  So you've got to take that.

Q.  In all your years playing here, have you ever played a forward tee there?
ADAM SCOTT:  I don't believe I've played a forward tee, no.  I don't think they need to move it forward.  It's a risk, par 5, for going at it in two on the tee shot and the second shot.

Q.  Obviously when you won the tournament, it was back in 2004 when it was in the March month, and now it's in the May month, and you said you needed a little bit of time to adjust to the new course, or new schedule; do you feel more comfortable now that it's here in May and you've had a chance to get used to the way that the course might play?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think it was quite a severe change.  But you know, it plays like all the other Florida courses do now, even though we play them in March.
I guess it's just a little bit different.  But still, it's one of the best golf courses we play all year, and you know, it's THE PLAYERS.
So this is an event that you want to come here and try and peak for and prepare for.  I'd be happy if it was in December.  Just happy to be here.

Q.  And you don't lose any sharpness by playing fewer tournaments?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think that you have to balance it.  It's a balance between being fresh and not being sharp.  So you have to play the right amount.  If I had of played one or two tournaments for the whole year to now, I would probably not be very sharp.
But after playing L.A. and the Match Play, I was back in tournament mode.  Like I said, I've played hundreds of golf tournaments.  It's not my first time out here.  So I know what to expect and I know how I feel after a layoff.  I think after those first couple weeks, I was back in tournament mode and ready to go at Doral.

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