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May 10, 2012

Blake Adams


Q.テつ 6‑under 66, nice start.
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ It was obviously a great day.テつ I had a nice run of five birdies in my front nine that kind of helped me ride the momentum through the back side.
I didn't hit it great from the tee ball standpoint, but I missed them in the right spots and made some putts, and here I am.

Q.テつ When you get on a roll like that, you make those five birdies, that's a confidence builder; you stand over every shot and feel like you're going to hit it exactly where you want.
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ Absolutely, I've been working hard.テつ Haven't seen the results I've wanted but I just kept at it, kept at it.
I told my swing coach, John Tillery, and my caddie, Barry Williams, let's just have fun.テつ I've been trying to hit perfect golf shots every week and not getting a whole lot out of it.テつ I'm playing golf for a living, let's have fun, hit some greens, make some putts, move onto the next thing.
This is a very, very tough golf course.テつ I had some nice kick‑ins the front side, and that obviously helps.

Q.テつ Take us through 5 through 9.テつ What was your thought process?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ Let's see, I was just trying to make every putt.テつ 5 was a long par‑4, hit a good drive, hit a wedge in there about 12 feet, pretty straightforward up the hill putt.
Next hole, had a kick‑in.
Next hole, hit it in there probably about 20 feet.テつ Actually Cameron had a putt just outside my line, so I had a great, great read there.テつ Made that one.
The long par‑3, hit a 4‑iron in there behind the hole, probably 15, 16 feet.テつ It was just an outside right putt down the hill, made that one.
And then No.9, I almost made it.テつ I had a few kick‑ins there, made three nice putts, and it was‑‑ obviously any time you do that, it's all built on putting.テつ And those iron shots help certainly.

Q.テつ How hard is it to keep that attitude and just go out and have fun now that you're standing there with the lead?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ I mean, it's another golf tournament.テつ My goal has always been as a kid to walk the fairways of Augusta.テつ I mean, if I win this tournament, if I win the John Deere, that's my World Series is Augusta.
So it me, yes, it's a big, big golf tournament, but it's just another golf tournament.テつ Like I said, I'm very, very blessed to play golf for a living.テつ I just have fun with it and just try to hit fairways and greens tomorrow and count them up and see where I'm at.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ We did in college.テつ We did in college and probably don't need to tell some of our stories here in front of everybody on national TV.テつ But he's a great, great friend, super, super nice.テつ Obviously we don't see each other as much as we did in college.
We used to stay up mighty late in college and we'll just leave it at that.テつ But we had fun.テつ He is very, very successful, did a great job last night.テつ Very, very proud of him.テつ He's just a great, great guy.

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