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May 5, 2012

Geoff Ogilvy


Q.テつ Really some brilliant play out there and what a putting day you had, as well.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I did.テつ After the first two days I missed everything it felt like.テつ Hit 31 greens the first two days and didn't really have much to show for it, so it was nice to hole a few today.テつ I didn't hole any bombs but I holed the ones you like to hole, the 10‑ and 12‑footers and stuff.テつ I hit some really good shots.テつ Shame about the last, but I kind of got away with a tee shot on 16, got away with a bad hole there to make par, so I guess it all evens out.

Q.テつ Where was the point in the round where you started to feel like your game was really feeling the way you wanted it to today to make a move on Saturday?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ As I said, my first two shots on every hole on the first two days were really good, I just didn't make any putts, so I knew I was playing well.テつ I kept hitting the ball close, at some point golf turns on you and you start holing some putts, and I started holing some putts.
I didn't birdie the two par‑5s, 7 and 10, which was disappointing.テつ I was in the middle of the fairway on 7 and didn't make birdie.テつ I had a few birdies on the back nine, 11, 12, 14, 15, so it was a pretty good round.

Q.テつ You mentioned 16, and with the drive all the way to the left on the pine needles and sort of it, but what a great save that was to really keep the round going for you on the green mile?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ It was, it was strange.テつ I think for 10 years I didn't miss a driver to the left.テつ Seriously, I was either square to being stuck, and I would either hit the ball straight or it would go right.テつ I don't think I missed a driver left for 10 years, and I missed my last three.テつ I started to swing at it better, I think, so now I can actually miss it left, which is probably a good thing.テつ But it makes the tee shot on the last a little bit harder because I used to just aim it at the left of the fairway and smash it and it would either go to the left side of the fairway or somewhere to the right of the water.テつ So it makes that shot a bit more awkward.テつ But I like how I'm swinging it.テつ It's a shame about the last hole, but I'm playing really well.

Q.テつ Tell me about the approach for Sunday.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I don't know what they're going to do this afternoon, but it's probably not going to get much harder than it was when I played it.テつ The greens get a bit tougher to putt.テつ I'm sure they'll get to 15‑, 16‑, 17‑under and I'll have to shoot some sort of round like I shot today tomorrow.テつ It's always nice to come off a nice one on Sunday morning because you've seen the putts go in, and hopefully I can do it again tomorrow.

Q.テつ Talk about coming off a round like this.テつ Your season hasn't been great so far.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ No, I've been telling anyone who would listen that I was actually playing pretty well, just not scoring really well, not making many putts, but everything was kind of coming together all right.テつ I'm not really surprised to play well today.テつ Nice to finally get a score on the board.テつ As I said, the first two days I hit the ball really well and just didn't get the ball to go in the hole.テつ Today I hit the ball really well again and got the ball to go in the hole.テつ It's a lot more fun when the ball is going in the hole.テつ Hopefully I can continue hitting the ball well and hole a few more putts tomorrow and then go on for the rest of the year.テつ I know this is the midpoint of the year, but it doesn't feel like it.テつ There's still more big tournaments to come than have passed.テつ One or two great weeks can make a year, and there's three or four of those sort of weeks coming up.テつ If I can keep this sort of form going, hopefully I can have a good summer.

Q.テつ What have you done to your swing to bring the left side of the golf course into play?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Just made it better.テつ As I said, I was always‑‑ I mean, it's a trendy term these days, but I've always been stuck, if anything, which sucks when you're doing it, but you can only miss it to the right, or I could only ever miss a shot to the right.テつ I'd hit it straight or to the right.テつ At the time I might have been bitching and moaning sometimes but I always knew‑‑ as I said, I could aim it up the left side of 18.テつ For 10 years I've hit the ball right in the middle of that fairway because I could aim it up the left and just hit it and it was never going to go in the water.テつ I just could never square the club enough to hit it left.
But now I'm more on top of the ball and less stuck and hitting better shots and turning the ball over, which is a good thing most‑‑ which is a good thing.テつ But now it's brought a miss in that I never had before, and it's going to take just lots more play to get used to the fact that I can hit that left and maybe I should aim it up the right‑hand side and try to hit a sort of draw there, which I never would have tried before because it would have gone way right.
It's a better thing, but it's an adjustment because there's a miss there that was never there before.

Q.テつ How do you adjust your putting from the first two days to today?テつ Was it anything you worked on last night?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I guess I've been too in my head about it probably.テつ I've always been‑‑ I've never been the best putter on TOUR, but I've always been quite sound, I think, consistently decent, especially inside 10 feet.テつ I missed a bunch of those the first two days.テつ Really the first two days I haven't holed many of them.テつ I guess I just made a conscious effort to stop trying, if you like, get out of my head a little bit, just roll the ball.テつ You go along so long with 10 different swing thoughts that you just start believing that that's actually what's supposed to go on in your head when you putt, but I just tried to get a little bit more serene is, make I only had five swing thoughts, putting thoughts, as opposed to ten, but tried to minimize the chatter and the interference, if you like.

Q.テつ What is it you like best about this golf course now that you've gotten a lot of confidence?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ The greens that everyone complains about I think are the best greens on the course.テつ I think they're fantastic.テつ You put the 12th green at Augusta, everyone would be claiming it's one of the best greens on the course.テつ I think it's really nice, and everyone else thinks it's playing bad.
I think it's a really nice property.テつ It's a nice place to spend time maybe if you weren't playing golf, just to be out there is a good feel.テつ It feels nice.テつ That's one of the main things of a golf course.テつ It gives you a nice feel when you drive in the gates, it's just a good‑feeling place.テつ It's great land for a golf course.テつ It's always in great condition.テつ There's a lot of great holes.テつ It demands you move the ball both ways.テつ If you really want to play the course well you've got to move the ball around in the air a little bit, think about it a little bit.テつ It matters where you miss.テつ We play a lot of golf courses where you really don't have to worry about your misses too much.テつ Here it matters where you miss.テつ You've got to miss it below the hole, and I think it engages parts of the brain that should be engaged when we play golf.テつ I think that's why you often see the cream of the TOUR winning this tournament.テつ Pretty much every year it's a pretty solid player winning the tournament.テつ It's a good‑looking leaderboard by the end of the week.テつ I think it demands an extra element that a lot of regular tournaments don't, and this one does.

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