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May 3, 2012

Webb Simpson


WEBB SIMPSON:  I felt like it was going to be a good day and just kind of kept on going and made some putts on the back.

Q.  A couple of pretty lucky breaks but you made your own luck on one of them where you got up‑and‑down from maybe 150 and then driving in the water on the par‑5 and hitting that great second shot.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, it was kind of an up‑and‑down front side.  I hit two bad drives there on 4 and 5 but luckily made pars on both and made a great 5 on 7 after hitting it in the water and made a 2 on 8.  It was kind of a whirlwind on the front, and calmed down a little on the back.  I only birdied one par‑5 today, so I'd like to get a couple more on those par‑5s tomorrow.

Q.  Tiger getting sort of the crowd pulling him along, today did you feel that Charlotte crowd pulling you, as well?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, it was good.  I live a mile from here, so I know a lot of people here, and the crowds were great today.  You know, it's great to play with him.  It's fun to play with him.  There's just a lot going on.  I've only done it once, like I said.
But the more times I play with him, probably the easier it'll get.

Q.  What were you praying for?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I was just nervous, man.  I've got a nervous personality.  I just needed to calm down a little bit, especially‑‑ I had trouble here my first two years, I missed the cut and missed the cut first two years in Greensboro.  By nature I want to do well for all the people that are there watching me and I think I put too much pressure on myself.  Getting that pairing kind of enhanced it for me.  But I was luckily‑‑ once I made a couple birdies I kind of enjoyed it, kind of turned it around on me.

Q.  Did you enjoy 12?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I did.  I play here a lot, and I knew where I hit it was pretty dead, so yeah, I'll take it.

Q.  What about 7, just missed the tee shot?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, it's such a hard tee shot with how firm these fairways are.  I didn't really hit a bad shot, just pushed it about ten yards.  I got a really good drop that was kind of sitting up and flew a hybrid right on the green.

Q.  I haven't seen the board yet, but I think even par is probably over the cut line.  Why is that?  What's going on here today?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think any time you get TOUR players playing in 90‑degree weather with not much wind, it's naturally going to soften out the greens.  I mean, I think you've seen over the years, the hotter it is and the less wind there is, the scores are going to be really good, and I think that's what happened.  They can't get the greens too firm with this weather.  It'll just burn them out.

Q.  Where did you play with Tiger the other time?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Doral.  And I accidentally kicked him in the leg, and he withdrew.

Q.  Oh, that's right, yeah.  You had to do the last day solo at the end?

Q.  So you never finished a round with Tiger before?
WEBB SIMPSON:  No.  We went from 10,000 people every hole to zero people (laughter), and that was my only experience.

Q.  How about that birdie on 12?  Talk about that long putt on the 12th hole.
WEBB SIMPSON:  I obviously knew how difficult it was, and I was just trying to get it within six, seven feet of the hole, and it looked pretty good, looked pretty good, and went right in, and we had a good laugh over it.  It was a nice moment.

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