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May 22, 2003

Denise Killeen


Q. Thanks for joining us today. Good playing out there. Two birdies on the front, two birdies on the back. Can you just talk about what was working for you out there?

DENISE KILLEEN: You kind of know on this golf course that if you start on the front, if you get off to a good start, you can kind of keep your momentum going. I managed to make par on 1, birdie 2, kind of kept it going, made birdie on 5. Once you get through those holes, you feel you've got a little momentum. It's always nice to get off on a good start here.

Q. How is the golf course playing?

DENISE KILLEEN: It's playing pretty good. It was chilly this morning. It played a little longer this morning than it's playing right now. You have had a hard winter here. That's understandable. I think actually the overall course condition is pretty good.

Q. You had a horrible first round here last year. What was the difference for you this year?

DENISE KILLEEN: Last year was a difficult year for me. About this time, I found out my dad was dying, so that kind of didn't set me off on a good foot right here for this tournament. I actually started out to a pretty good year last year and had that undoing about this exact same time last year.

So, I kind of muddled my way through the year and worked pretty hard this winter to kind of resurrect things. I decided I either had to quit or work a little harder and become a little stronger and fix the things that needed fixing. I think that hard work is maybe paying off.

Q. Did your dad end up passing away?

DENISE KILLEEN: Right after this tournament. It was very quick.

Q. This year has been kind of hit or miss for you, hasn't it?

DENISE KILLEEN: I started playing pretty well about three weeks ago, and I think was just exhausted for the Augusta tournament. I played well in Atlanta and Williamsburg. I have two kids, so it's hard for me to play three or four weeks in a row. I think my children take that much more out of me mentally and emotionally than maybe other people have to deal with. Up until that point, it had been a little sketchy, but I think my game is turning around, and I think, you know, the hard work that I had done and the good play that I had in those three tournaments is a turn-around. I'm fresh off a week off. Life's okay right now.

Q. Did you pay much attention to what Annika was doing today?

DENISE KILLEEN: Actually, I came through 15, and I saw the scoreboard, and my teacher is caddying for me for a couple days, and it was kind of neat to see.

Q. Is it especially satisfying playing well here after last year?

DENISE KILLEEN: Yeah, I wanted to come back here and play well. My dad was a big supporter of this.

Q. Do you think the jumbotron at 18 is going to be a distraction for players?

DENISE KILLEEN: I hope she's there on the weekend and it's a distraction. I think it's kind of neat and is motivating for players to look up there and see her playing. It's the best players in the whole world. I think it's a great accomplishment. I hope she is around on the weekend and is playing.

Q. Are you going to go back now and watch Annika play?

DENISE KILLEEN: I have a couple things to work on and then probably go get my kids and go back. I'll take a little break right now, but, yeah, I would like to watch some of her. I think a lot of people are fascinated with it. I think it's fascinating.

Q. The weather forecast for the weekend is pretty rough, so is there a sense of urgency today since it's nice out?

DENISE KILLEEN: Well, you kind of feel like you need to get off on a good start. It's not supposed to be very nice today. Hopefully we will get lucky, and it will go around. I should have been more prepared. I didn't bring the right clothes.

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