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April 27, 2012

Rocco Mediate


ROCCO MEDIATE: 262 to the front.  Carried on the front.  Rolled back 20 -- I don't know how far away.  Coming, coming, the putting.  I haven't put a 65 by my name in a long time.  I'm working my tail off.  That was a huge sign.

Q.  You are going to be playing this weekend and --
ROCCO MEDIATE:  No. I just wanted to keep doing what I was doing.  I want to get clean today.  I haven't made a double this week.  That's it.  I'm happy.  I'm working on a lot of stuff.  I'm staying with a couple my buddies, Mike Murphy, Big Break.
He used to watch me play since 2000.  We were hitting balls the other day.  What -- changed a couple things in my set-up.  "You never did that."  "What am I doing?"
Squared me up a touch.  It's been a lot better.  I've driven most of the fairways, a lot of greens and my funny shots aren't at funny as they used to be.  So, Murf helped me a lot.
Those are the people that can really see what you sometimes -- I'm pretty good at it but it's like God, I didn't realize I was setting up like that.  It's crappy.  So, we worked on it for like ten minutes.  Putting is another issue.

Q.  Minor tweaks?
ROCCO MEDIATE:  It's pretty much all of it.  Something I'll call stupid.  That's the word I used. It's something that -- we lose that sometimes, you know, and with what I've gone through the last few years I've been all over the place.  It's coming.  Like I said, I think it's here.  We'll just see.  Weekend will be fun.  I'm not -- I'm just -- I don't have a lot of expectations.  I know what I'm doing, 27 years.  I can still do it.  I want to still compete were these guys.  I love it out here, love what I do.

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