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April 26, 2012

Victor Dubuisson


STEVE TODD:テつ Victor, many thanks for joining us here in the media centre.テつ Opening round of 68 there today, very tough conditions.テつ You must be very pleased with your first round.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, very pleased of playing 4‑under today.テつ Especially because on the first hole, I holed a four or five metres putt for bogey, so for that, and then to go completely the opposite today.テつ So instead of 4‑over, 4‑ or 5‑under.テつ And then, I go toテつ my second hole for par.
Yeah, my putting was really, really good today and I think the it's only way to play good scoring in these conditions.
STEVE TODD:テつ After reaching 4‑under par you had the double‑bogey on the fourth.テつ So if you could just tell us about that, and then also how pleased you were to hit back with birdies on 5 and 6.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ On the third hole we were playing the par3, with the wind hurting from the left, and so on the fourth tee I thought the wind was going to be sort of left‑to‑right, but, in fact, what was really hard to manage today, the wind was turning all the time.
And on this hole, I hit in the middle of the fairway, but I don't know, the wind just turned right‑to‑left and went into the water.テつ The next guy hit his shot on the tee, he pulled it left‑to‑right, so with a windy day like this, you cannot do anything.テつ So I was not really upset after this double‑bogey because I didn't hit a bad shot.
So I did my best to get back in my concentration, and I made two birdies, good putts on 5 and 6, and that was the good turn today.

Q.テつ So after making your first shot, and you have to make your second shot, so there's a lot to think about, so how do you keep focused?テつ What do you think about when you move on from your first shot to second shot, in general, when you have your first shot and then you move onto your second shot and there's much to think about, how do you keep focused?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I just on the course since a few weeks, I just start to don't think.テつ I walk really fast to my ball.テつ I just take the distance and see how I will play the shot.テつ And then the problem as the winds change all the time, if you think too much, then you don't know what shot to hit and then you miss‑hit it.
So I just hit my shots like with no thought about the wind in my mind, and if I hit a good shot, and my ball doesn't really finish where I want it to, it's okay.テつ But the worse thing is to don't play the shot, basically.テつ So just have to play it, like as quick as you can.

Q.テつ So I know when you play in Europe, there's a lot of windy courses and today we have a lot of wind here on this course.テつ So I'm sure it impacted your game.テつ How is the wind here in Korea?テつ Is it different from Europe?テつ How did you find the wind here on this course?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ No, it's the same way in Europe.テつ It's the same.テつ Sometimes in Europe, as well when we play courses, you are in the woods, a lot of big trees and the wind change.テつ That's the reason the wind is turning all the time is because of the trees.
I've played a lot of tournaments in England and Scotland the last few years as an amateur, so maybe that's why when it's windy, I do‑‑ I mean, most of the time I play okay.テつ Last year at the Dunhill I played well.テつ That's because of all of the tournaments we play into the wind as an amateur, the last few years I was an amateur, I was playing like the British Amateur, the Scottish Amateur, and all of those tournaments we get this kind of wind.テつテつ So that was a great experience to go through.

Q.テつ So you're No. 1 on the leaderboard, so tomorrow what will be your strategy?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ The same.テつ The same as today.テつ I don't know if it's going to be windy or not, but I played in the wind since yesterday.テつ No, we just try to play exactly the same.テつ We'll go for every flag.テつ I will be very aggressive.テつ I will not play safe tomorrow because I am on top of the leaderboard today.テつ It's not easy to know how you will play tomorrow.テつ I don't know my driving will be okay, we will see tomorrow.
STEVE TODD:テつ Thank you very much.

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