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April 26, 2012

Richie Ramsay


Q.  Richie, 2‑under is a good score, isn't it?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it was quite cold this morning when we teed off.  I played nicely in parts.  I played real scrappy in parts, but to be honest, I putted beautifully.  The greens are really, really nice.  It still is tricky because you get gusts of wind, which it does move the ball.
But when I made a mistake, I kind of got up‑and‑down and then hit some‑‑ when I played nice in spells through the round, I managed to convert a few opportunities.
All in all it was a good day.  But it was really getting tough out there.  The last few holes totally confused you with shots.  You're hitting them thinking they are going to go one way and you get a gust of wind and it goes the other.

Q.  The wind has picked up in the last 40 minutes?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah, it's just gusts.  It doesn't come at the same speed all the time, which is, you know, on 8, I had a 9‑iron and thought I hit a good shot.  It dropped out of the sky in the bunker.
And then the last hole, I thought a perfect club, hit it up there and again it sort of dropped out of the sky.  So it's really difficult to pick your shots.  You kind of have just got to go with the wind at the time, pick the shot, and then kind of deal with the consequences after.

Q.  Am I right to think with the changes of elevation, that makes it trickier to judge?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Definitely harder.  And when you've got water at the edge of some of the greens, it makes it pretty tricky.  You've got to play quite conservative at times, and when you get an opportunity to attack, you've got to knock the pin out.

Q.  There's plenty of red figures on your card?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  Yeah there, was.  There's a mistake on 5 which just lost concentration with a sand wedge on the hole and ended up making double‑bogey from nowhere.
All in all it was a really good day.  Lots of positives from it, and drove the ball well.  But ultimately, you know, I putted nicely, which is great to see and long may it continue.

Q.  Lost concentration?

Q.  What was going through your mind?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  I just had to wait for a ruling to come, so I was waiting about for that.  I just needed to be a bit more positive trying to knock the flag out.  There was a pin that was tucked just on the right and tried to just feather it into the wind to get it to stop a bit quicker, and I just hit a‑‑ just duffed it basically to be honest.  Duffed it and got a very poor lie.  Didn't get up‑and‑down and ended up making 7.  But responded really well to that by making a great birdie on the 7th hole, and two good pars to finish. 

Q.  You started well last week and played pretty well all week without progressing?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  This is a course that suits me more.  You have to hit some really good tee shots out there with the wind, and it's playing a little bit firmer.  There's a few bounces in there, so you've got to be quite accurate with your irons.
Last week, got off to a great start and it was quite windy again and just didn't continue that on.  But keeping going in the same vein this week and I just need to be positive and try and be a little bit more confident.  Hopefully the scores will come like today.

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