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April 26, 2012

Paul McGinley


PAUL McGINLEY:  Obviously swirling winds, which is always difficult, and a lot of tiers on the greens, which is always difficult because distance control is obviously very important and with the wind swirling as much as it did, it was hard to get on to the correct tiers but battled well and pleased to be in with 1‑under par.
It's very bunched, it's that kind of day.  I'll be very surprised if somebody gets away to 5‑ or 6‑under par today because you need a lot of luck to get away to that score, because it's that difficult getting on to the right tiers.

Q.  You looked unhappy when you came in.  Was it because it was so windy?
PAUL McGINLEY:  I don't think I was unhappy; I think I was very happy.  But I think exhausted is the word, you know, 5 1/2 hours in that wind and up‑and‑down hills all day.  So up at half four this morning, so it's been a long day already and it's not even lunchtime.

Q.  How is the knee?
PAUL McGINLEY:  No problem.  I've shortened my schedule a little bit at the start of this season and I've definitely reaped the benefit with my knee.  It's not under as much stress, that's for sure.  So I have absolutely no problem with my knee.

Q.  Brilliant to know, because this kind of course‑‑
PAUL McGINLEY:  Yeah, the biggest challenge I'm having is not physical, it's mental, getting over that mental battle of trusting it and getting onto my left side.

Q.  Which I take it is very tricky with the wind and all?
PAUL McGINLEY:  It is, but my knee is good.  I'm really happy with where it's at.

Q.  And the game will just come together once you've played a few?
PAUL McGINLEY:  Yeah, I've only played I think three or four events this year.  From Wentworth on I'll play a full schedule and play the tournaments I normally play so looking forward to that.  Hopefully I'll be nice and fresh this year.

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