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April 26, 2012

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT:  It was tough out there all day.  It wasn't really easy.  It was so cold on our first hole.  I got off to a rotten start but just kind of to the my way around, scrambled nicely, a few good shots here and there got me around.

Q.  Do you take some satisfaction from that?
ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, absolutely, because today was a day potentially where could have got myself out of the tournament, and you know, I'll be at least starting tomorrow in a good position I think.

Q.  Can I ask what happened at the first and what you did to rectify things?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I somehow drove it down the middle of the fairway.  It was straight into the wind but it was freezing cold and couldn't feel my hands.  Second shot was just, you know, a cold golf swing with a stiff body; straight in the water.  So, easy double.
But you know, just head down and get stuck into it somehow.  The birdies are out there, but minimising the mistakes was important.

Q.  Well, the weather warmed up and I take it you warmed up as well?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, the weather came good.  It was only a few holes in and the weather was fine.  But certainly tricky with this much wind and elevation change out there.  You need to control your golf ball.

Q.  Give me an education of how tricky that is.
ADAM SCOTT:  You need to have a good handle on the wind with your caddie, but just myself, I never play elevation change like this on a regular basis.  It's quite severe, and you really need to have a good handle on where the wind is at so you can put a confident swing on it and that's all you can do, and trust that it's all right.

Q.  Looking at that leaderboard, you are all right; you're not that far off.
ADAM SCOTT:  No, it's good.  Under par today is a good score, and like I said, especially after a rotten start where it could all get away from you.
But I hung in there and I'm not going to be too far off the pace, and that's important on a day like today, and hopefully three good rounds coming up.

Q.  It was a tough start but great finish.  Tell us about what it was like, conditions this morning?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, early on, especially teeing off my first couple of holes was so cold.  I mean, really, no feeling in the fingers.  That's tough especially when the wind is blowing hard and the ball is not going far.
Hit a poor shot straight in the water into the 10th, my first, and off to a bad start but hung in there and played some good golf.  Kept it in the fairway a lot after that and that gave me opportunities on some holes to have a good look at hitting it in there close, and a few good shots that I took advantage of, and then I scrambled the rest of the day.  It's tough in the wind.

Q.  Was the wind switching around.  Was it tough club selection out there?
ADAM SCOTT:  No, it's kind of tough to gauge the wind.  There's such severe elevation change on this golf course, I mean, it's just a little unpredictable.  You just have to kind of commit to something and go with it and trust it that it works out all right.
You know, helpful when the caddie has got a good handle on the wind today.

Q.  He certainly has a lot of experience, as you do.  What are you looking for the next three days as far as what you're trying to do, winning score at the end of the week?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it's very much wind dependent I think.  It looks like it's going to warm up, so wind dependent, the scoring is going to probably get a little better than it was this morning.
But it's a tricky course.  If you hit it on the wrong side in these greens and have to putt up‑and‑down these severe tiers all day, you're not going to make much.  So some accurate iron play is going to pay off at the end of the week.

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