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April 25, 2012

Adam Scott


SCOTT CROCKETT:  Adam, thanks, as always, for coming and joining us this morning.  Yours first time at the Ballantine's Championship, and well enough your first time in Korea.  Give us your thoughts on the week ahead and the championship itself.
ADAM SCOTT:  I think it's shaping up to be a great week at Ballantine's.  I think the field assembled here this week is very strong, a lot of great players, a lot of great local players are here.
So for me, it's an important week to keep my form coming out of the Masters and heading into the rest of the season.  I've come over here to get myself in contention, and see where my game's at.
So, I feel confident.  I've enjoyed playing the golf course so far, and hopefully we get to play the whole course today and I get a little more familiar with it, because I think there are a few interesting parts to the greens that a little knowledge of them will certainly help me later in the week.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  You talked about your form, Adam, obviously the last round of the Masters was very good and the finish in the tournament itself was not too bad for you.  Do you feel it's coming together and the start of the year kicking off?
ADAM SCOTT:  I thought my form going into the Masters was good.  I felt comfortable with everything.  But for lots of reasons in the game of golf, it didn't quite happen the first three days at Augusta and then I managed to put it all together on Sunday.
So I was pleased with that finish, because I probably would have been a little disappointed in my efforts and the work I had done if I did not finish so high up.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  You've had success over the world; are you looking forward to adding another title here in Asia this week?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, certainly I've enjoyed playing in Asia over the years.  I would love to add Korea to the list of countries that I've won in.  This tournament has certainly grown in stature, shown by the players who have come over here to play.
So this would be a great honour to win this week and I hope I've got a chance.

Q.  Have gone to the PGA TOUR following K.J. Choi and Y.E. Yang.  What advice do you have for young players like that getting on to the PGA TOUR early in their career and maybe especially people that are going there in a second language culturally, what advice would you have, being that you moved from Australia?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think it's an important step of their career really, to establish themselves in the States or outside their home country.  It's really what anyone from a smaller country like Australia or myself needs to do to grow their game to a level where they can compete at the highest level on a regular basis.
So getting comfortable is something that is such a personal thing.¬† You can only go on personal experience, but my experience might not work for them.¬† But I think a balance between patience and pushing themselves to succeed is the hardest thing to get, because they shouldn't go over there and feel intimidated.¬† They should‑‑ if they are good enough to be there, they are good enough to win, and it's easy to lose confidence, because it is a very demanding tour with the depth of talent.
So they have got to push themselves hard and try and get results, and not be discouraged if they don't finish as high as they think they should.  Some weeks you can play well and finish 20th in the States, and you just can't be discouraged by that.  You just have to keep persevering.  They are so young, if they can do that, they can have a positive outlook on things that they are there at a young age.  So things are certainly going in the right direction.

Q.  So you mentioned that you like taking part in the tournaments that are held in Asia, and it's been awhile since you've been back here in Korea.  I think Westwood also talked about how he loved playing in Asia, and so a lot of the European and American players are taking part in the Asian Tour tournaments and also in championships like the Ballantine's Championship that is being held here in Korea.  So we have a lot of star players come to Asia.  When you talk to them, what sort of aspects about Asia do they like?  What draws them to Asia and the Asian Tours?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I think the game of golf is growing  so quickly, and it's certainly growing in Asia.  I think everyone enjoys being a part of that.  And somewhat established players of the world certainly feel responsibility to help grow the game of golf.
We all feel that it's given us so many great opportunities; we would like to hopefully create some opportunities for others and help tournaments in this part of the world grow and become as big as they can be.
Other than, that I think we all enjoy the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the events in this part of the world.  The people who come out and watch create a great atmosphere for that.  That makes playing golf for us a lot of fun.

Q.  So you are known to hit very long distances, so if you could tell us what are some of the key points in your long hits, and also, the Ballantine's Championship, if you look at the course, do you think it's better for you to take advantage of your long distances, or to maybe attack the course in a different approach?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I'm definitely not as long as some guys out there now.  They hit the ball so far.
But I think with my experience, I've learned to control my distance and accuracy and finding a balance.  But this week, it's a very long golf course.  And I think there are times on the course where you can maybe take advantage of your distance but not every hole.  There's a lot of trouble off the tee if you're not hitting the ball straight.
So I have to pick my moments carefully and hopefully driving it straight here, I think will provide a lot of opportunities hitting into these greens.  It's not just about hitting it far this week.  This course demands more than that.
SCOTT CROCKETT:  That is all for today.  Good luck tomorrow.

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