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April 19, 2012

Ben Curtis


BEN CURTIS:テつ Birdied No. 4, made like a 12-footer there.テつ It was a good hole to get a birdie on.テつ One of the tougher holes out here.テつ Hit a great shot in there, especially being in the wind today, it played really long even though we had it teed up.
Then 6, I birdied 6.テつ I hit it in the trees on the left and just trying to get it on the front right of the green and I was only like a hundred yards to the front or something, 90 yards to the front.
I was just trying to just get it up near the green somewhere and get up and down and hit it.テつ It came out left right at the hole and it hit just over the bunker and trickled up to about six feet and I made that.
Then the next hole I hit a 4-iron to about 20 feet, just straight up the hill and pretty easy straightforward putt and made that.
Then 9, hit an 8-iron in there and maybe 15 feet, just left of the hole and, again, just a slight left to right break.テつ Pretty easy putt.
And then birdied 14, the par 5 on the back.テつ Hit a sand wedge in there to eight feet, made the putt.
Overall, pretty easy.テつ I had maybe, let's see -- 11 I had like a 3-footer for par.テつ 13, I had maybe a 4-footer for par and other than that the rest were tap-ins so it made it quite easy on myself.

Q.テつ Every shot 63 out there today.テつ Did you see that number out there?
BEN CURTIS:テつ I don't know what the wind was doing this morning early on, but, yeah, I mean I shot 5-under and didn't have a bogey and, you know, I thought the wind kind of died down the last hour or so but it was playing pretty tough there to start off.テつ
But, like we were talking, you get 150 guys in the field, someone is going the play good.テつ It doesn't matter how it's set-up or what the conditions, someone is going to play well and shoot a good score.

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