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April 19, 2012

Stuart Appleby


Q.テつ Tested you a little bit?
STUART APPLEBY:テつ It's testing.テつ The breeze is obviously typical Texas.テつ I'm still learning the course.テつ It's my first year here so I'm learning the little nuances of where to be and where not to be, where to miss and so on.
So I'm still trying to develop my relationship with it.テつ Certainly much more lusher conditions here this year than last year.テつ Good, really good test of golf.
Seems to be a difficult course to go low.テつ I think Adam, the year he won here, he shot some low numbers on the weekend.テつ That's some pretty good golf there.
I think the breeze definitely adds an element and the greens are very raised and high and lot of slopes and lot of -- lot of surprises with balls moving.

Q.テつ You played obviously Houston and done well there and this tournament moving to the week before the Masters next year.
STUART APPLEBY:テつ Next year?テつ I'm not sure why.

Q.テつ Justs a dichotomy in the schedule.テつ When you look at this kind of situation, this kind tournament the week before the Masters, how much will it impact the field, do you think?
STUART APPLEBY:テつ Good question.

Q.テつ This year obviously the field is not, you know --
STUART APPLEBY: I think you'll get -- could you transfer Shell's field to here?テつ Very different golf courses.テつ That one I think sort of had a lot of Augusta resemblance.
I think from the patience point of view it's probably more of a test, mental test like Augusta is than maybe at Redstone, but Redstone probably has a bit green speed and bit more of -- you know, has the grass is similar, you know.テつ I think the demands will be greater here but I think the conditions at Redstone would be more familiar from an agronomy point of view.

Q.テつ Might attract some guys who might want to play the week before the Masters?
STUART APPLEBY:テつ Oh, you're going to get Europeans, you don't have any Europeans here.テつ You're going to get your handful of guys.テつ You might get your Westwoods and Poulters and those guys.テつ I don't really know.テつ We'll have to sort of see how it pans out for them.

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