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April 19, 2012

Matt Every


Q.  You knew about this course coming in.  Setting a course record today.
MATT EVERY:  Yeah.  What?  Like what did I know about it?

Q.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Like that --
MATT EVERY:  I don't really think about scores like -- lately I've been trying to do as little as possible with everything involved with golf.  Like if I'm hitting bad on the range, I won't even work it out.  I'll just quit hitting balls and go home.  It's been working.  It has.
It's almost like I'm playing better golf because I'm thinking more on the golf course.  Instead of thinking about my swing, I'm thinking about the shot instead of my swing and how to execute the shot.
So, I've just been trying to go by that and it's been working out and as far as like the score on this course, I mean really, today was all about putting for me.  I made everything.  Not everything but a lot.

Q.  Again, I know you weren't counting but apparently you made --
MATT EVERY:  One of them was I made was long but I don't really remember another one being real long, maybe a 20-foot footer.  I made a long one on No. 2 but I think that was the only real, real long one.

Q.  Is that the par 5?

Q.  Apparently you didn't hit your best first shot.
MATT EVERY:  Horrible.  In between clubs.  Tried to cut it and double-crossed it.

Q.  Were you in between what?
MATT EVERY:  A wedge and a gap wedge, yeah.

Q.  So were you about what --
MATT EVERY:  110, yeah.

Q.  Was that on 2?

Q.  Then the putt, that was the long one.  What sort of break did you have on it because I know the greens are --
MATT EVERY:  Probably three, four feet of left to right movement and it was probably about 40 feet, maybe longer.

Q.  And your thought going into that after hitting a shot in, again --
AI was trying to two-putt it, get the speed right and it went in.

Q.  You really now have days if you're not swinging well you --
MATT EVERY:  I did it yesterday. I came out here and hit it like -- hit about 15 balls and it wasn't good.  So I went and hit some putts.
And I was actually walking by the range and I saw the same guys every week, they tinker with their swings and spend all day Tuesday and Wednesday practicing and like I'm glad I'm not one of those guys.
So I'm sticking to that.  You know, just when I get on the course, I'm more concentrating about playing golf than my golf swing.
You know what I'm saying?  That's -- I'm not that kind person.  I'm kind of a whatever, however it comes, it comes.  I'm not a robot, you know.

Q.  Did someone give you that advice or just throw up your hands?

Q.  How long ago was that you adopted that first?
THE WITNESS:  I fired my teacher a week before Hilton Head and I adopted it.

Q.  It's been within last two weeks?

Q.  Has anyone given you advice to the contrary?  What are you doing?
MATT EVERY:  I haven't really told anybody.

Q.  Obviously Bubba's success at the Masters and you know all about his game and how he doesn't let anybody -- it's his game.  Did that influence you any?
MATT EVERY:  He plays -- he's obviously a lot longer than I am and he probably shapes it more than I do.  Actually, I know he does.  He's a lot better than I am right now.  I feel like I play a lot like him.  I play golf, you know.  Can't be perfect.

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