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April 19, 2012

Matt Every


Q.テつ 12 of 14 fairways.テつ No bogies.テつ Talk about the course record.
MATT EVERY:テつ Yeah.テつ No bogies is always good no matter what course.テつ I didn't even know what the course record was until I got done.テつ I kind of kept going and got a few good breaks in the middle of the round to keep the momentum going and then added up to 9-under.

Q.テつ One of those breaks was on the 1st hole.テつ You hit it left of the -- I standing behind the green and I heard a click, hit the rocks and ends up just on the fringe.
MATT EVERY:テつ That was really lucky.テつ Pulled it.テつ Knew it was going to be no good.テつ And then it hit the rocks and kicked up right next to the green.テつ One of the best breaks I've ever gotten and -- I've been on the other end of those.テつ I'll take it.

Q.テつ Yeah.テつ Kind of start -- you had a nice finish at Hilton Head last week.テつ Different type of golf course.テつ Got huge greens here so -- you're really, the flat stick was rolling nicely.
MATT EVERY:テつ Low round on Sunday at Hilton Head.テつ Putted great.テつ Then, you know, over here, still windy.テつ Striking it all right.テつ Not the best I ever hit it but I'm rolling it great right now.テつ I'm not thinking about anything and just going in.

Q.テつ Walking along side you all at 18.テつ Going to have a baby soon.
MATT EVERY:テつ My wife is 7 months pregnant.テつ Out here being a trooper.テつ Told her only wanted her to go 9 today.テつ Said she had to keep going after the front-9.テつ It's cool.テつ This is our last week traveling then settle down and go home until the baby comes.

Q.テつ So 63 and what does that mean to you?
MATT EVERY:テつ I mean it's just one day.テつ It is nice to get off to a great start but you can't read too much into one day of golf out here.テつ Everyone is so good.テつ It's a good start.テつ That's what it means.

Q.テつ Wonderful playing today.テつ How does it feel like in a round like this, got a lot of red numbers in today?
MATT EVERY:テつ First 3 I hit it real close and then, you know, it just kept going from there.テつ Couple good breaks here and there and took advantage of them.テつ Just one of those days where everything falls in your lap kind of.

Q.テつ You don't wake up expecting to have a course record but what does that mean to set that today?
MATT EVERY:テつ It's cool to have but I mean it really is -- in the long-run it's meaningless.テつ It's one round of golf.テつ It's great to get off the a good start but I've been in this position a few times where the first round is great to shoot low but you got to keep it going.

Q.テつ Were you able to stay relatively wind-free in this round today for the majority of it?
MATT EVERY:テつ It blew from the start.テつ It was blowing on our first hole today so, you know, I was hitting it good.テつ When you hit it good it goes through the wind unless it's like blowing 30, then it might matter but --

Q.It's interesting, all the talk this week was only two of the Top 50 are here and there's all this talk about this course, it's too hard, nobody wants to come.テつ Put that to shame with relative ease today?
MATT EVERY:テつ I don't know if that's why people don't come here.テつ I don't think it's because it's too hard.テつ It might have to do with the schedule.
It is hard.テつ It is a hard golf course and -- but this is the PGA TOUR and they're supposed to be hard golf courses, you know.テつ Sometimes they move tees up out here and it's like, "Why are we playing up?テつ We're the best in the world.テつ Why are we not playing as hard as this golf course can get?"
No.テつ I don't know.

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