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April 18, 2012

Brittany Lang


MODERATOR:¬† Brittany Lang, thanks for coming in.¬† 3‑under par 69 today.¬† You're tied for the lead at the Lotte Championship.
On the way over, you talked about your round and said it was pretty straightforward, some solid shots.
Just take us through it a little bit and also talk about that wind out there.
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, the wind is crazy today.  I actually put a new putter in my bag, that TaylorMade putter.  The first tournament round I've had with it, and I really like it a lot.
But, yeah, that wind is crazy.  I hit the ball fantastic.  When you hit pure, solid shots, the wind does not affect it as much.  I hit the ball really solid and gave myself a lot of chances and I putted really well with my new putter.
MODERATOR:  Can you just take us through your birdies today, what you hit.
BRITTANY LANG:¬† Yeah.¬† My first birdie ‑‑ I started on 10‑‑ was 13, the par‑5.¬† I hit like a low 50‑yard shot.¬† I hit two unbelievable shots to get up there.¬† I hit like a low 50‑yard shot and made like a seven‑footer.
Then I birdied 15.¬† I hit just like a little pitch.¬† It was like a little 35‑yard pitch and made like a three‑footer.
Then I bogeyed 18.¬† I hit it right and didn't get up‑and‑down.¬† Bogeyed 18.
Birdied 1 right back.¬† What did I hit in there?¬† Oh, just like a little 55‑yard lob wedge in there to like two, three, feet and made that.
My other birdie was on 3.¬† I hit a knock‑down pitching wedge and I made about a 20‑footer.
Then I bogeyed‑‑ you want to know the bogeys?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† I bogeyed that par‑5.¬† Was that 6 or 5?¬† I bogeyed that.¬† 5?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† That was kind of careless.¬† And then I birdied 8.¬† That was a really good birdie.¬† Hit a 9‑iron in there to four feet and made that.¬† That was really good.
MODERATOR:  Any questions for Brittany?

Q.  Does this wind remind you of Texas?
BRITTANY LANG:  Probably.  This is a calm day where I'm from.  It doesn't mean you're gonna shoot good, but we have a lot of practice in it.

Q.  Speaking of Texas, you've just moved back to Texas; you're at home.  Talk about what it's like going back home.
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, I'm extremely happy.  I've been away for a while and I missed it.  I'm really close to my family, so I'm just really happy to be back with my friends and family.

Q.  (No microphone.)
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, yeah, McKinney, Texas where I'm from.

Q.  (No microphone.)
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, it's extremely windy there most every day.

Q.  (No microphone.)
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, I played well here my first year out on tour.  I had a pretty good finish when we came here.  Yeah, it's a good course for me.  I think it's good for long hitters because you have wedges all day.
Even in this wind, if you hit long, straight tee shots you have wedges all day, so you're going to have a lot of chances for birdie.
MODERATOR:  Anything else?

Q.  Are you surprised there aren’t more birdies on the par-5’s?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† Well, the one par‑5, I mean, they're tough.¬† They're dead into the wind.¬† You're hitting these little wedge shots dead into the wind, and you can't get there because they moved 'em back.
And then the 1 is downwind.  That's an easy hole.  I don't know why nobody is tearing that one up.  They're tough holes into that breeze.  Really tough.

Q.  Do you think about winning when you get off to a good start?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† Yeah.¬† I mean, of course you're going to think that, but I'm really not‑‑ I'm just ‑‑¬† I'm really not thinking about that right now.
Yes it enters your mind, but I'm just happy shooting 3‑under in that wind; put myself in a good position, so...

Q.  Did it enter your mind today?
BRITTANY LANG:  Me personally, no, not on a Thursday.  I didn't.  Some people might, but I did not.
MODERATOR:  It's Wednesday.
BRITTANY LANG:  Or whatever.  The first day of a tournament, yeah.  Sorry.

Q.  But you think about it a lot?
BRITTANY LANG:  Well, yeah, of course.  You know, I keep telling myself that it'll happen, it'll happen.  I've almost stopped thinking about it and I'm just trying to have fun and work on my game.
I work so hard and I just beat myself up when I don't get that win, so I'm just trying to enjoy to enjoy it a little bit more.

Q.  Do you talk about it with friends and family or only when media asks you?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† Um, not really.¬† I mean, my friends and family, we don't talk a whole lot of golf, but I hear it all the time when I come to tournaments from pro‑am people or ‑‑ which is natural.¬† You know, a good player who hasn't won, it's natural to talk about it.

Q.  Do you know how many tournaments you’ve played?
BRITTANY LANG:  How many total?  I do not.  Do you?

Q.  (No microphone.)
BRITTANY LANG:  A lot.  A lot of tournaments.  This is my seventh year on tour, so I should have won by now.

Q.  What do you need to change?
BRITTANY LANG:  I'm not that strong mentally.  I need to get strong mentally and I need to build my confidence.  I have a lot of good physical talent, but I was never groomed mentally growing up.
I've done a lot work on it, and I just think I have a little ways to go to be good under pressure.  Some people are just good under pressure.  That's not how I was, so I'm working hard to get there.  It'll happen.  It's just going to take time.

Q.  Have you worked on the mental side?
BRITTANY LANG:  I worked with a lot of sports psychologists just trying to focus on what you're doing and being in each shot, seeing your shot so that you're not over the ball thinking, Oh, I hope I don't lose this tournament.
Just basic things I never did growing up.  It's been really good for me.

Q.  I heard no one from Duke has ever won on the LPGA.
BRITTANY LANG:  That's correct.  I know.  We must not be very clutch.  Maybe I'll be the first Dukie to win.
BRITTANY LANG:  That's good motivation.  What's that?  Yeah, they can.  We can't win tournaments, but they can win basketball games.
MODERATOR:  Thanks, Brit.
BRITTANY LANG:  Thank you.

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