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May 3, 2003

Cristie Kerr


PAUL ROVNAK: Cristie, thanks for coming in. Entering tomorrow in the final group, the last tee time of the day, can you just give us your thoughts on that and just your play today?

CRISTIE KERR: I played really well today. I have not hit the ball great all week and I have been getting up and down quite a bit. I have just tried to keep the momentum going in my favor.

Today I made no bogeys which was pretty unbelievable. Yesterday it was really like a roller-coaster of a ride. I had 7 birdies and an eagle. 6 bogeys and like 4 pars yesterday. Some you can make a lot of birdies on this golf course. You just got to hit it in the right spots on the greens. I feel good going into tomorrow. I don't know if I am going to hit it any better, but obviously, you know, it's been working so far.

PAUL ROVNAK: Questions?

Q. Yesterday, 7 birdies, 6 bogeys an eagle, did you make any kind of mechanical adjustments?

CRISTIE KERR: No, it's very difficult I found to do that on the golf course. I mean I'm sure you play golf. It's something that golf is a sport where -- well, I mean I'm so tired right now I can't even think straight. No, I didn't make any mechanical changes. I just tried to feel what was the right swing, or when I played well in the past, what I was feeling in one of those tournaments. I tried to kind of pick up on that during the day today, and I hit it actually the best I hit it this week, today, which isn't saying much.

Q. I'm so tired I can't even picture it, is there something about today that was more grueling than other days?

CRISTIE KERR: The weather was colder. Exactly. I can't even say anything. It was just a tougher day I think because the weather was, you know, it was not hot and sunny. It was cold. It was windy. My hands, you know, tend to get a little bit -- like I tend to lose a little bit of the feel. It gets stiff. It made it tougher today.

Q. With the conditions like that do you tend to concentrate even more?

CRISTIE KERR: Yes, I think so because you know nobody is going to hit it perfect. You just kind of have to remember that it's the same for everybody and not panic because something -- your swing doesn't feel right or whatever. I said well maybe it's to my advantage, my swing hasn't felt right all week.

Q. Tomorrow's forecast is mid 50's, on and off, is there something that you can do to keep your hands warm?

CRISTIE KERR: I have hand warmers. I have the things that the football players use. It's here and you switch it around to be in back of you. I am prepared. I grew up in Miami and cold weather is not what I grew up in. I'm prepared.

Q. Did you use the pack and the hand warmer today?

CRISTIE KERR: I use the hand warmers, obviously you can't keep the golf ball in there. I used them between shots and walking trying to keep my hands warm. I mean that's -- you can only do the best you can in these conditions. It would be nice to have 80 degrees and sunny for four days straight. We haven't had great weather for a whole week thus far, to date, in the year. It's been rough weather-wise for us.

Q. Was there a hole or 2 out there that come to mind where you hit maybe a short iron on Thursday or Friday?

CRISTIE KERR: I hit a pitching wedge. I hit a couple of good drives yesterday. I didn't hit it good yesterday either. On 16, I hit a good drive. Today I had a pitching wedge in, and a 5-iron out of the rough. If you hit good tee shots on this course you can score well. I have been making a lot of putts, too, which I am very happy about.

Q. With the top of the leader board, it looks like all of the top players, does that affect at all how you approach tomorrow in terms of maybe being more aggressive?

CRISTIE KERR: No, I think I can only do the best that I can do. My swing has not felt right all week. I just told myself you can't really have swing thoughts out there, you got to play with what you got. I think that's what I need to take. I have been working hard. I have been working hard on getting my club face more square, moving everything away in my back swing, a little bit more together. Whatever it is you are working on, once you get on the golf course you got to play. I think that's what I have done really well the last couple of days.

PAUL ROVNAK: I got Cristie's scorecard. Anymore questions?

Q. The 24 putts did you have medium range?

CRISTIE KERR: 24 putts?

Q. 24 putts this round?

CRISTIE KERR: No I had 29 putts. 28 or 29. I don't remember exactly how many.

Q. Did you putt really well?

CRISTIE KERR: Yes, I hit 14 greens today which as compared to 9 my first day, my first round, and 12 yesterday. So I think if I hit a fair amount of greens. Tomorrow I will have a shot at it. I have been rolling the ball well.

Q. Have you learned something new about this golf course every day?

CRISTIE KERR: Yes, I actually told my caddy about that when I was on the range, after I was done playing that on certain holes my tendencies are to hit the tee shots in the same spot like on 12, I guess it is, I hit it left rough every day. 14, I hit it right rough every day. So I'm going to kind of remember those tendencies tomorrow and see if I can fix them. You learn something knew about this golf course every time you play it. This as a U.S. Open style golf course in my opinion. It's set up like that. The rough is thick. There are not many par-5s. It's a par 71. It's one of the best courses that we play.

End of FastScripts....

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