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April 14, 2012

Carl Pettersson


MARK STEVENS:¬† We'd like to welcome Carl Pettersson.¬† Carl, you had a big birdie at the end to take a 1‑shot lead going into the final round of the RBC Heritage.¬† You also lead the field in greens in regulation.¬† Talk about your round today.
CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, I played great all day.  I obviously started off really well with five in a row.  And I kept going.  Made a nice birdie on 10.  Made a weak bogey on 11.  I was just left of the fairway, but it wasn't that hard of a shot, it hit the green.  But I was fine with making five after the second shot.  And I put myself in an awkward spot.  But bogey on 15 was a little frustrating.  But kind of got me fired up to play well coming in.  And I managed to birdie the 18th, which was nice.

Q.  Third shot at 15, just not hit it far enough?
CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, I had a similar shot on 11 and overhit it.  And 15 I was trying to get greedy, get it really close and pull ahead even more.  I think I was one or two ahead.  So I made bogey there.
But I wasn't too disappointed.¬† There was still a long way to go.¬† Yes, it's just one of those shots.¬† The second shot, I hit such a great drive, I thinned my 5‑iron.¬† If I flushed the 5‑iron, I could have got it right up by the green or in one of the bunkers, which was what I was trying to do.¬† That's just the way it goes.

Q.  You and Colt have a pretty good relationship.
CARL PETTERSSON:  I've known Colt, he's been out here a few years.  He's a great guy to play with, easy going.  Two fat guys played in 3 hours 48 minutes.  That was pretty good.  But we had a good time.  It was laid back.  I'm sure it will be pretty even keel tomorrow.

Q.  Is there a little bit of a psychological advantage to go ahead by one shot from a guy that hasn't won yet and you have, a little experience in winning tournaments?
CARL PETTERSSON:  I don't think so.  Obviously you want a shot ahead.  Tomorrow is a tough day.  Anytime you try to win a golf tournament, it's tough.  It's going to be a challenging day, but I look forward to the challenge.
Yeah, I'd rather be one ahead than one back, obviously.  Tomorrow is a new day and this game is weird.  Anything can happen in this game.

Q.  Is this the kind of golf course where any advantage is helpful because it is tight, it has small greens?  Somebody has to come get you and it would take pretty good golf?
CARL PETTERSSON:  I think there's been a history of shooting low coming from behind.  And hopefully that won't happen tomorrow (laughter).
No, all I can do tomorrow is play my game and hopefully keep on playing the way I have and see what happens.  It's going to be fun, but it's going to be tough.  Winning is tough.  It's a challenge.  But I look forward to it.

Q.  In your wins, how many of them have been from ahead and how many from behind?
CARL PETTERSSON:  I think three of the four I've been leading or tied for the lead going in.  Canada I was a few back, two or three back going into Sunday.

Q.¬† Do you have any thoughts on how you feel as a front‑runner going into a final round?
CARL PETTERSSON:¬† Oh, I don't know.¬† I've only won four times out here, so it's not like‑‑ I'm not Phil or Tiger or anybody.¬† It's difficult.¬† Trying to win a tournament with the lead is difficult.¬† But if you want to win, that's what you've got to do.¬† I'll be trying my hardest tomorrow and see what happens.

Q.  You obviously played well at Houston.  Did something click there, did you make a change?
CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, I sort of opened up my stance.  I got a homemade golf swing, and it enabled me to really clear the left hip right before impact.  Ever since I did that I've hit my irons great and it's still working.  Yeah, it's been a great swing thought for me the last two or three weeks.

Q.  Do you think it's anymore important on this particular course to go into the final day with the lead than it is on other courses?
CARL PETTERSSON:¬† It's certainly nice to be in front, but still got 18 holes of golf.¬† A lot of things can happen in a round of golf.¬† But obviously, yeah, I've got a 1‑shot lead.¬† As long as you're there and about, I think it doesn't matter too much.

Q.  You just made a reference to a homemade golf swing.  Have you ever had a coach of any significance on your swing?
CARL PETTERSSON:¬† I had a coach‑‑ I've never had a coach growing up.¬† And I've had a few guys over the last few years work with me a little bit.¬† I had a guy back in Raleigh worked with me in 2010, Josh Points.¬† And I had a guy Jeff Leishman work with me last year.¬† But I feel I'm better off doing it on my own and feel more comfortable doing it on my own.

Q.¬† What does is that say when the Masters champion is a self‑made kind of guy, and you seem better off being self reliant by yourself.¬† Do you think too much is made‑‑
CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, I like to be more in control of my own stuff.  Everybody is different, but I didn't grow up with a coach.  I tried that and I wasn't quite comfortable with it.  I'm on my own and seems to be working?

Q.  Does your caddie look at where your swing is, if you get a little off on alignment?
CARL PETTERSSON:  No, once in a while maybe on Monday, Tuesday, when you're practicing.  But I've had the same caddie for ten years.  He's become a great friend of mine.

Q.  His name?

Q.  18, what did you hit in there and how long was the putt?
CARL PETTERSSON:¬† I hit 9‑iron and probably an eight‑foot putt.

Q.  How about that shot through the trees, was that on 3?
CARL PETTERSSON:¬† Yeah, actually I had a clear line, straight towards the green.¬† And just had to make sure the 6‑iron didn't hook or draw or anything.¬† So I just hit a straight 6‑iron.¬† Obviously I was lucky.¬† It was a good shot but it was fortunate to roll up there a foot.¬† That was a great start.

Q.  Any significance to the yellow duck on your bill there?
CARL PETTERSSON:  Oh, this is for Jarrod Lyle who is fighting leukemia.  He played on Tour.  And I think everybody on the PGA TOUR and media, players, staff, everybody is thinking of Jarrod, and hopefully he gets well.

Q.  Any big Saturday night plans or kind of quiet?
CARL PETTERSSON:  Probably pretty quiet.  I'm staying with Tim Clark and his house is right around the corner.  Mrs. Clark is probably cooking right now (laughter).

Q.  I looked up the course record just to find out how low somebody could go tomorrow, and it looks like David Frost shot a 61 in 1984.  Do you see a 61 out there with the wind?
CARL PETTERSSON:  You never know, but that would be awfully low.  Yeah, like I said in golf, you never know, someone could shoot a 59.  I can't control what anybody else does.
The course is playing a little bit more difficult than it has in years past, I think.  But you don't know.
MARK STEVENS:  Thanks a lot, Carl, and good luck tomorrow.

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