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April 12, 2012

Chad Campbell


JOHN BUSH:テつ We'd like to welcome Chad Campbell into the interview room, 4‑under par, 67, our current leader here at the
RBC Heritage.テつ Chad, got off to a great start and great first round.テつ Comment on how it went.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Yeah, it felt like I've been playing better here lately.テつ I got off to a great start today; birdied 2 and 4 and 5.テつ It's nice to get off to a good start here.テつ It was a little tricky with the winds, and it's always a tough golf course.テつ Pleased about the way I played today.
JOHN BUSH:テつ Talk about your season.テつ Recap it for us.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ It hasn't been really that good at all.テつ I haven't felt like I've been that far off, but the results haven't been good at all.テつ I feel like I've been working on the right things and heading the right direction.テつ And the last couple of weeks I started to play a couple of good rounds here and there.テつ And I feel like I'm starting to get better.

Q.テつ I know you didn't play this morning, but did you think this afternoon was a better scoring opportunity than this morning?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I would guess so.テつ I got here about 10:30 and it was still pretty cool when we got out here and still very windy.テつ I feel like we got the better end of the draw.

Q.テつ You started pretty quick here last year, and had two good first rounds, first and second round.テつ What happened on the weekend?テつ And was there anything you learned from that that you can carry into this week?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Honestly I didn't even remember that I played that well last year.テつ I guess those last two rounds kind of scratched out all my memory.
I think I played here every year.テつ I missed one year since I've been on Tour, here ten times.テつ I love the golf course; it's one of my favorite places.テつ It's a tricky golf course.テつ You definitely have to hit the ball in the right spots on the fairways, and hit a lot of good shots to have looks at birdies.テつ It's one of my favorites, hopefully I've been playing here for ten or so years, I kind of know what to expect.

Q.テつ Do you have flashbacks during Masters week of a few years back?テつ What were you thinking last week?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I love watching the Masters.テつ I love playing in the Masters, more than anything.テつ But unfortunately I wasn't there this year and I love watching, watched most of the coverage.
It's definitely disappointing when I start thinking back to ‑‑ I try not to as much as possible, kind of a missed opportunity.テつ I stay positive and hopefully years to come I'll be back in that situation.

Q.テつ What did you do last week to keep busy?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I just hung out with my family.テつ That was it.テつ I didn't play very much golf at all.

Q.テつ Talk about the changes to the golf course.テつ What do you think of the changes?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I think they're good.テつ You know, they're very subtle, but a few yards on the tees here and there.テつ Obviously the grain changed a little bit on 2 or the left back bunker on 2.テつ I think they're good.テつ Didn't go too extreme on anything, so I think it was good.

Q.テつ Just how firm were the conditions out there?テつ Obviously they were firmer this morning, but if you can kind of put it in perspective.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Yeah, the greens are pretty firm.テつ When you're hitting chips or anything around the green it's not checking at all, and they really can get away from you.テつ So it's pretty tough.
I was putting a lot from around the greens.テつ It's kind of hard to chip and get the ball to grab.テつ It's definitely tough putting and tough play around the greens.

Q.テつ Do you think it's fair to think that watching the Masters rather than playing the Masters was any form of motivation?テつ When you were watching it last week, do you feel that it affected your mindset or drive to contend here?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Right.テつ I don't think so.テつ I have the same goals every week:テつ I come out to play.テつ I come out here to try to win golf tournaments.テつ And I'm always motivated to play and get better or do better.テつ Even though the results hadn't showed it, I understand what you're saying.テつ But maybe unconsciously, subconsciously it did, I don't know.テつ You never know.

Q.テつ Was there anything you can point to recently that's got you back on track, any changes?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Really, no.テつ Just kind of, you know, working on the same things and just trying to be a little more patient, and maybe not quite as hard on myself.テつ I think, like, I get that way.テつ I think we all do out here sometimes.

Q.テつ You're pretty consistent since the early 2000s, do you think it's a fundamental thing of why you've had a lackluster end of last year and beginning of this year, or do you think it's this path of your career right now?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I wish I knew.テつ I don't know why.テつ I do the same things I've done forever.テつ Like I said, I feel like I'm playing all right, the results just aren't there.テつ I just haven't been getting it done.テつ There's no really any way around it.テつ I can't pinpoint one thing.テつ I haven't putted the best, if I was going to say one thing.テつ There were times I didn't drive it that well and didn't hit my irons that well.テつ Overall I felt like I was playing okay to have decent finishes, and I wasn't even getting that out of it.

Q.テつ Do you have any plaid sport coats?

Q.テつ Any colors, green plaid, anything?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ I've got a navy one and a black one.テつ That doesn't surprise you, though, does it?テつ I'd like to have a plaid one.
JOHN BUSH:テつ Let's go through the card.テつ Birdie on 2.
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ 2 I hit 3‑wood off the tee and had 4‑iron and hit it just long left into the new hills in the back, and chipped it to probably 8 feet.
4 hit 6‑iron to about ten feet, just past the hole.
And 5, hit driver, hybrid, just front edge of the green and two‑putted from there.
7 I hit a 6‑iron to about probably 20, 25 feet and made that putt.
Bogey on 8.テつ I drove it right down the middle, it was perfect and just missed an iron shot out to the right and putted from over there and three‑putted or didn't get it up and down.
9 I hit 3‑iron, wedge to pretty much just left of the hole, probably 15 feet, 18 feet.
Bogey on 10.テつ Hit it in the middle of the fairway and hit it left of the green, and didn't get that up and down.
15 I hit driver, driver, 5‑iron, gap wedge to about a foot, tapped that in.

Q.テつ It seemed like a lot of pins today were in the back, just going through it.テつ Did you feel comfortable kind of bouncing it in there?テつ How would you rate or assess the difficulty of the pins today for you?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Obviously there are some hard ones and there's some easy ones, depending on which way the wind was blowing at the time.テつ The greens are firm, especially if you're landing it in a downgrain spots, it's really going to bounce out.テつ It's kind of tricky, you have to be careful where you're landing the ball on the greens.テつ Overall, you had some hard ones, had some easier ones.

Q.テつ Bouncy and windy, did it feel like West Texas, except for the trees and ocean?
CHAD CAMPBELL:テつ Yeah, other than that, other than the trees and the ocean, yeah.
JOHN BUSH:テつ Chad, great start.テつ Keep it up this week.

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