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April 8, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  How would you describe today?
PETER HANSON:  It was a pretty tough day.  I mean, I didn't get it going very well on the front nine and started off with two early bogeys, which is never a good thing.  I had some good chances around 4, 5, and 6, 7 and didn't take advantage.  Just left quite a lot of putts short, in fact.
The greens were a little bit quicker today and I think I ended up being too defensive with the putter.

Q.  What did you learn?
PETER HANSON:  I don't know.  So far, nothing.  I haven't really thought too much about the round.
It was so enjoyable playing with Phil these three days.  I mean, we were walking down the 10th hole and kind of cheering each other on, saying we were going to make a move when we knew we were a couple of shots behind.  It didn't really work out.  Like we said coming up the last hole, just didn't play well enough today.

Q.  You played here once before, you played two rounds of golf, didn't make the cut.  You come back on a great tear this season.  Just talk about your advancement this year in terms of ‑‑
PETER HANSON:  I mean, I feel that I'm getting better and better.  I keep improving.  I have seen myself in situations playing World Golf Championships and now being here this week playing well at the Masters.  Hopefully it builds a bit of confidence coming into the U.S. Open, which is I think the major setup that suits my game very well.
I have to go back and improve my putting because under pressure you kind of see your weaknesses.  Today maybe the weakness in the putting showed a little bit.

Q.  What do you take from today?
PETER HANSON:  I think it was a good test.  I mean, like I said yesterday, it was a good test of emotion being out, how I can handle myself.  It was still a new situation for me playing the last group and playing with Phil.  It felt like it worked out pretty good, but like I said, I think your weaknesses show a little bit when you come under pressure.

Q.  There is perhaps no greater theater in golf than the back nine of Augusta National on a Sunday afternoon.  You've just had an opportunity to be a leading player in that drama, if you will.  What was that like?
PETER HANSON:  It's best thing on earth, I guess to play the back nine at Augusta in the last group.  It's amazing.  I have to say even yesterday when I shot 31 and Phil shot 30 on the back, with the atmosphere and the noise around the back nine was just fantastic.

Q.  If I can just indulge you once again to make a comment for Swedish television regarding that back nine and what I just asked you.
PETER HANSON:  (In Swedish.)

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