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September 13, 2003

Cristie Kerr

Kelli Kuehne


CRISTIE KERR: I said to my caddy at the beginning of the round tortoise and the hare. And tortoise won today.

Q. That's two points out of three, isn't it. What's going on between the two of you?

CRISTIE KERR: I don't know.

Q. There's obviously something working.

KELLI KUEHNE: First off we're very good friends. We're very familiar. We play a lot of practice rounds together on the LPGA tour. We're very familiar with each other's games and we've played together since we're 10 years old. It certainly from that regard is a great fit for the two of us. We were great on opposite holes. That's what it takes to win a match like today against Laura and Sophie.

Q. Some people may look at the situation as though Laura didn't appear to be playing some of her best golf. It's up to you to put pressure on them?

KELLI KUEHNE: Sure. That's the name of the game in match play. It's like a chess match, it's all strategy. If you have two chances at birdie on the green, Cristie's up there with a gimmie for par and I've got a great roll for birdie. Obviously it helps if your partner is playing well and if you know your partner has your back. Laura and Sophie are both fantastic players. Boomer and I seemed to play pretty well today.

Q. Wendy Ward and Rosie Jones didn't have a chance to win that match. What about the overall context now depending on what happens in the last match. Does it matter if you're two, three points down?

CRISTIE KERR: Yeah. It certainly matters. I think we picked up a little bit of momentum in the afternoon matches again. We'll take that into tomorrow.

Q. Out on the 17th you stuck it in there pretty much to steal the match.

CRISTIE KERR: Like Kelli said, we ham and egged it pretty well. Only one of us had to be good on each hole. We did it at the right time.

Q. Kelli, you know each other pretty well. You've played a lot of practice rounds and you know Cristie's game. That seems to work out pretty well, doesn't it?

KELLI KUEHNE: It works pretty cool for both of us. We both play the same game. We hit roughly the same distance we weren't both consistent on the same holes. That's a good thing. We were consistently good on different holes.

Q. The singles tomorrow, how are you going to attack that? Just play your own game?

CRISTIE KERR: You play your own game. You have to play one shot at the time certainly. You've just got to keep the ball in play and not give shots away. If you have opportunities, you need to take them.

Q. You've certainly been a lift to the U.S. team. How will you attack it tomorrow, Kelli?

KELLI KUEHNE: I love match play. I feel very good about my game. The name of the game is putting the pressure on your opponent when it matters.

Q. What do you think about this course? The forecast for tomorrow is a little dicey. What does that do to this course?

KELLI KUEHNE: We've been expecting it. To be dicey all week, and it's been beautiful. I'm certain if the wind blows, we'll have to be hitting into the wind. It will give the European team something of an advantage, I guess. We've got a strong American team. I don't think we can count anybody out.

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